Bronystate Fanfic Competition

Alright everyone, it’s time to rack your brain and get to writing! Bronystate is holding its first fanfic competition! The grand prize is to have your story read LIVE by the one and only ValtheJean! The top three entries will be given a place on the Artist’s Spotlight page! Don’t let this opportunity pass you by! Your task is to write a story in which Rainbow Dash is accepted into the Wonderbolts. How does this affect her? Will it change her for the better? How does it affect her friends? Send your entries to [email protected] no later than April 20th for judging. Stories must be under ten thousand words. Trollfics, clopfics, and gorefics will not be accepted. Good luck everyone and most importantly, have fun!

Addressing Recent Site Issues

Hello Loyal Viewers:

We at BronyState work hard in providing great stream content and a fun chat experience for everyone. Recently however, our site has been plagued with a number of issues, which most of you have seen through error messages when attempting to access our site. After receiving many emails regarding these issues, we would like to help shed light on the situation.

On Sunday March 18th, we began a transfer of our web site content from one web host to another. Everything went smooth during the transition and the site’s contents remained in tact. However, due to some internal issues with the new web host, we were unable to get the site up and running in a timely manner. This delay has resulted in the error page that many of you were familiar with seeing. After working countless hours on this problem, the issue has since been rectified by our technical staff.

On Saturday March 24th, right before the premiere of the latest episode of My Little Pony, our site was attacked by an unidentified group of people looking to take down the site. Although we won’t go into explicit details on how the attackers took down the site, our technical staff has yet again worked around the clock to deal with the issue and has since fixed the exploit to prevent future attacks.

We would like to apologize for these problems that have prevented you all from accessing our chat/streams. We try our best to prevent any issues that deny access of our content to you all. We hope to learn from these issues and adapt ourselves to tackling future problems. Thanks for your patience and continued support as we worked on these issues.

-BronyState Staff

UPDATE – Theater refreshes!

UPDATE: Manual refresh buttons for stream and chat are now available. Still working on popout functions and the backend for the autorefresh

We now have experiemental support for an automatic refresh in all theaters. What’s this mean? It means when we change stream embeds, say to and from Livestream for our Saturday episode streams, you won’t have to do anything! Your browser will automatically change to the correct stream source!

As I said, support is currently experimental. Still working on the backend code to let us actually trigger the autorefresh, among other things. Manual refresh and popout buttons are still on the list to do and should hopefully be ready shortly!

As usual, please leave site feedback in #cathedral

Thank you for being patient as we continue to improve Bronystate 2.0!