Special Guest Gaming Stream With ROBCakeran53

Sunday, Nittany Discord will be holding a special guest gaming stream with fanfiction writer ROBCakeran53, known for his VGCats and MLP fanfics. He also wrote a story about finding a filly in a box, but that’s an aside.

Anyone is welcome to join the game if we have slots available. We will be playing L4D2 or CS:S.

Stream starts at 5 PM EDT Sunday.

6 thoughts on “Special Guest Gaming Stream With ROBCakeran53

  1. I just bought L4D2 just for this so send me an invite please! My steam name is Kipkat07 or Staff Sergeant Koleff I’m not sure which as I just changed it.

    • 5 PM Sunday. Lemme put that in the announcement. I’ll do Steam invites for people that want to join.

      • I see, well I kinda live in Sweden so I’m not sure how many +hours that would be for me here – And I’m not sure how I would get a steam invite from you, though add me on steam at “number_4″, without the quotation marks :) – If it’ll help :)

        • Sweden is in UTC+1, Eastern Daylight Time is UTC-4. So you are five hours ahead, or this is airing at 10pm your time.

          • Alright – Though I’m still unsure how I to get an invite – Any specific steam group I should join?

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