More Theater Improvements!

I’ve just finished work on a massive overhaul of our streaming system. Basically, the way we did it before was a horrible mess, and now it’s beautiful and much easier for us to work with.

What does this mean for you, the viewers? Well, it means 5KB less data transferred every time you load the stream (seriously, it adds up), which means faster loading times! And as part of the project, the Popout buttons have returned! Simply press the button under the stream or chat to open a window with it. Additionally, the embed on the page will disable itself, so you don’t end up with two streams or two chats!

A lot of work has gone into this massive project, and there may yet be some holes left to fill. Thank you for being patient as we continue to improve Bronystate even more!


5 thoughts on “More Theater Improvements!

  1. Beautiful! So glad to have the pop-out function back too! Keep up the good work Shizu and other techies! <3

  2. Thank you very much for your efforts!!! This site and its streams are totally AWESOME!

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