Bronystate GW2 Beta

For anypony that will be playing in the Guild Wars 2 Beta this weekend, we would like to invite you to join us and other bronies from around the world that will also be playing. The Beta begins at 3pm PDT and you must already have your key, which is obtained by pre-purchasing the game.

We will be on the world Eternal Grove, Bronystate is the guild name, PONY is the guild tag, and you can find me under the name Kirzstryfe.

Hope to see everyone for some fun this weekend :)

2 thoughts on “Bronystate GW2 Beta

  1. You know the Jade Quarry is the homeworld for the Equestria Daily guild. Probably worth joining that server to stay together.

  2. I’d get in there but I need a new CPU before I can play it. Tried the beta today and it lagged like crazy.

    Have fun though and hope to see some of you when the actual game releases :)

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