Mods vs. Viewers Gaming Night Details.

Hey Everypony!

This Sunday at 3 PM EDT, our gaming department will be holding a mods vs. viewers gaming event. This event will pit Bronystate mods against random viewers in a streamed L4D2 versus match.  Join us and see if you can best the Bronystate staff!

Here are the rules and details for the event.


  • The mod team will consist of Nittany Discord, SlurryMoon, Shizuka, Kirzstryfe, Fluttercry, and Sumica.  We will rotate a mod out once per match.
  • The viewers team will be decided by a lottery.  Interested individuals must join #vinyl_scratch 30 mins before the start of the game.  The names on the users in #vinyl_scratch will be put into a random number generator.  Winners will form the users team.
  • There will be three matches minimum.  The users team will be different for each match, and new users will be picked each time as long as there are enough interested users to fill four slots.  If there are not enough slots to fill with new users, previous users can join as long as they have followed the rules.
  • Game maps will be randomly chosen for each match and will not be repeated.


  • Once you start a match, you must play it to the end unless you have a valid reason to leave (bathroom, dinner, etc.).  If you need to leave temporarily, we will either stop the game for a bit.  If you need to leave for a longer period of time, we will fill your spot.  It’s a good idea to plan ahead so you know that you’ll be able to play a match out without major interruption.  Matches usually run an hour, so make time.
  • Rage quitting will not be tolerated.  If you rage quit, you cannot rejoin the game or any future games.
  • Unsportsmanlike conduct will get you booted out of the game and replaced with no chance of return.  Unsportsmanlike conduct includes excessive swearing, insulting other players, sabotaging your team, and general rude behavior.  We’re here to have fun.
  • Cheating will get you booted from the game with no chance of return.  It may also earn you a VAC ban.  Be smart.
  • Complaining in chat about being booted will likely get you kicked or banned, so don’t do it.

See you Sunday!

Anniversary Week Showings!

Hello everyone, Ghosties here with the lineup for this week’s movie showings! Every anniversary showing this week will begin at 2 PM EST.

  • Monday
    • The Fountain – ValtheJean
    • The Little Mermaid – Saturn
    • Superman IV: The Quest for Peace – Silverscreen
  • Tuesday
    • Rocky Horror Picture Show – Luna
    • Ferris Bueller’s Day Off – SaxyPretender
    • Hackers – Shizuka
  • Wednesday
    • A Fistful of Dollars – Fluttercry
    • Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows – VioletVanilla
    • The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou – SlurryMoon
  • Thursday
    • The Wall – Nittany_Discord
    • Pi – Ghosties
    • Tenacious D and the Pick of Destiny – LordCelestia
  • Friday
    • Sunshine – Wrek
    • The Princess Bride – Sumica
    • BlackRock Shooter – Kirzstryfe
  • Saturday
    • Captain America: The First Avenger – NewDCD
    • El Cantante – Scoot-Scootaloo
    • The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy – SuperBrony64

This is our lineup for this week. Remember! Every anniversary showing starts at 2 PM EST, so don’t be late!

And the Winners are…

The winners of the First Annual Tom Awards in each category are:
Best Season 1 Episode: Party of One
Best “B” Movie: Spaceballs
Best Meme: Sea Ponies
Best Song: This Day Aria
Best Season 2 Episode: A Canterlot Wedding
Best “A” Movie: Monty Python and the Holy Grail
Best Pony: Twilight Sparkle (but we all knew that already)

If you missed the show itself, you can watch it again here:

Included below are the breakdown of votes by category so everypony can see just how close the votes were.

Best Season 1 Episode
Winter Wrap Up – 34
Sonic Rainboom – 28
Party of One – 52
The Best Night Ever – 21
Suited for Success – 18
Cutie Mark Chronicles – 41

Best “B” Movie
Spaceballs – 55
The Rocky Horror Picture Show – 27
Shaun of the Dead – 44
Ip Man – 21
Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter – 15
Clue – 32

Best Meme
Where was Gondor? – 14
Leverage – 12
Sea Ponies – 86
Railings – 20
Nicholas Cage – 39

Best Song
Winter Wrap Up – 24
This Day Aria – 81
Art of the Dress – 4
At the Gala – 2
Becoming Popular – 8
Smile! Smile! Smile! – 75

Best Season 2 Episode
Sweet and Elite – 5
A Canterlot Wedding – 94
Lesson Zero – 36
Hearts and Hooves Day – 10
Luna Eclipsed – 40
Secret of My Excess – 9

Best “A” Movie
Airplane! – 20
Monty Python and the Holy Grail – 72
Hot Fuzz – 29
Blazing Saddles – 13
The Iron Giant – 41
Saving Private Ryan – 19

Best Pony
Twilight Sparkle – 52
Rainbow Dash – 24
Fluttershy – 49
Applejack – 14
Rarity – 19
Pinkie Pie 36

Click for full size
Click for full size graph

The First Annual Tom Awards

You’ve spent the week voting, you’ve felt the hype building, and now we announce the nominees for the First Annual Tom Awards! Who will win the coveted award in each category? Tune in today at 2pm Eastern Time to find out!

In the category of Best Season 1 Episode, presented by SlurryMoon, the nominees are:

  • Winter Wrap Up
  • Suited for Success
  • Sonic Rainboom
  • The Cutie Mark Chronicles
  • Party of One
  • The Best Night Ever

In the category of Best B Movie, presented by Saturn, the nominees are:

  • Spaceballs
  • The Rocky Horror Picture Show
  • Shaun of the Dead
  • Ip Man
  • Jesus Christ: Vampire Hunter
  • Clue

In the category of Best Meme, presented by Shizuka, the nominees are:

  • Where was Gondor?
  • Leverage
  • Railings
  • Sea Ponies
  • Nicholas Cage

In the category of Best Song, presented by SaxyPretender, the nominees are:

  • Winter Wrap Up
  • Art of the Dress
  • At the Gala
  • Becoming Popular
  • Smile! Smile! Smile!
  • This Day Aria

In the category of Best Season 2 Episode, presented by kirzstryfe, the nominees are:

  • Lesson Zero
  • Luna Eclipsed
  • Sweet and Elite
  • Secret of My Excess
  • Hearts and Hooves Day
  • A Canterlot Wedding

In the category of Best A Movie, presented by Nittany Discord, the nominees are:

  • Airplane!
  • Monty Python and the Holy Grail
  • Hot Fuzz
  • Blazing Saddles
  • The Iron Giant
  • Saving Private Ryan

In the category of Best Pony, presented by Scoot-Scootaloo, the mane six are:

  • Rainbow Dash
  • Fluttershy
  • Twilight Sparkle
  • Applejack
  • Pinkie Pie
  • Rarity

Lottery Winners on May 12

It’s Lottery time! This week we had 194! entries, and our winners are:

Remember, due to our Anniversary Event happening from May 13-19, these selections will be aired on May 25.

Congratulations to our winners! See you all Friday May 25 for the next Bronystate Lottery!

Bronystate One Year Anniversary – Sunday May 13th, 2pm EST

We would like to invite everypony to kick off the celebration of our first anniversary event this Sunday afternoon at 2pm EST. We will begin with the First Annual Tom Awards, with the award winners chosen by the Bronystate viewers. Award categories include the Best A and B movies, Best Episode of Season 1 and of Season 2, Best Song, Best Bronystate Meme, and the most contentious of all, Best Pony. Following the awards presentation, we will have ValtheJean reading the winning submission for the Bronystate Fanfic Competition, “To Be A Wonderbolt” by Avabrony. After the reading, we will also be showing the best episodes of Season 1 and of Season 2, as voted upon by you, our viewers.

And that’s not all. Stay tuned throughout the upcoming week, where we will be showing a number of movies each day that have each been hand picked by a member of the Bronystate staff.