Bronystate One Year Anniversary – Sunday May 13th, 2pm EST

We would like to invite everypony to kick off the celebration of our first anniversary event this Sunday afternoon at 2pm EST. We will begin with the First Annual Tom Awards, with the award winners chosen by the Bronystate viewers. Award categories include the Best A and B movies, Best Episode of Season 1 and of Season 2, Best Song, Best Bronystate Meme, and the most contentious of all, Best Pony. Following the awards presentation, we will have ValtheJean reading the winning submission for the Bronystate Fanfic Competition, “To Be A Wonderbolt” by Avabrony. After the reading, we will also be showing the best episodes of Season 1 and of Season 2, as voted upon by you, our viewers.

And that’s not all. Stay tuned throughout the upcoming week, where we will be showing a number of movies each day that have each been hand picked by a member of the Bronystate staff.