7 thoughts on “Bronystate Newsletter (5/28/2012)

  1. Also, there will be no Maid Discord at Bronyfunds (sorry, time and money issues), but I may compromise somehow (either Maid Discord cosplay streaming at a later date, or doing something else).

  2. I must ask: When it comes to The Karate Kid, who would pick the remake over the original? It makes no sense!

  3. This isn’t really related to the newsletter but I wasn’t sure how else I could go about contacting any of the staff. I was wondering if instead of suggesting a movie for the lottery if I could suggest a 4 part miniseries. Each episode is about an hour long and it would probably take the slot of two movies. It’s called gormenghast if you’re interested and I highly recommend that you read the trilogy by Mervyn Peake. I didn’t put it into the lottery but I will next week if it’s okay with you guys.

  4. Epic spelling error on my behalf. Ask Pirate Dash’s mod is TJ Carson, not TJ Carlson. Sorry everyone. That’ll be corrected in the next newsletter.

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