13 thoughts on “Bronystate Newsletter (6/4/2012)

  1. I agree wholeheartedly about Star Wars, Indiana Jones and Alien being “trilogy’s”.

    Thing is I hated Alien 3 and liked Alien Resurrection. But that’s still a trilogy so we’re good here.

  2. Fail…

    Aliens isn’t a trilogy, it is a Quadrilogy.

    Alien Aliens Alien 3 Alien: Resurrection

    • It is ignorant to say a series of movies is a trilogy when there is more than three movies. I can understand for Indiana Jones and Star Wars since there is such I huge gap after the trilogy and the next movie. But the Alien Quadrilogy went straight through, no gaps.

      1979 Alien 1986 Aliens !992 Alien 3 1997 Alien:Resurrection

      • In my mind, Alien: Resurrection never happened. Therefore, it’s a trilogy. Also, it’s clearly a joke about the quality of the movies after the first three.

  3. Okay, you guys, I get that there’s a lot of hate for KotCS, but Temple of Doom was WAY worse. I mean, come on, Willie is just about the worst female in Indiana Jones history. And let’s face it, what do you actually remember about it besides Indy, Short Round, and KALI MA? Also, as far as I’m concerned, the Alien franchise ended with Aliens. That said, though, looking forward to this. It’s gonna be fun.

    • It’s funny, because Temple of Doom is actually my favorite of the Indiana Jones series. I’ll admit Willie is a piss-poor character, but Short Round was fun, Indy was badass as ever, Kali Ma was awesome, the whole brainwashing thing was pretty creative and fun, I remember the chilled monkey brains, the lowering spiked wall, the opening in I think it was brazil or something…It’s been a long time and I remember at least half of the movie. I hate how people bash the entire film because of one bad performance, because really, if you take out Willie’s character, it’s not that bad of a movie.

  4. You guys are doing The Lord of the Rings trilogy, right? And it’s gonna be the extended editions, right? RIGHT?

  5. I signed up for the newsletter two weeks ago, and for some reason I’m still not recieving the email newsletter. Any help?

    • Either it’s because the newsletter is being sent to your Spam folder or the Newsletter list hasn’t been updated recently. We’ll fix it as soon as we can.

    • If you’re using a Comcast e-mail address, that may also be the reason why you’re not getting out newsletters. Comcast e-mail servers reject e-mails from Bronystate. If you have a Comcast e-mail address, the only solution right now is to subscribe to us using a non-Comcast e-mail address.

  6. A little mix up with the brony movie night, where it says “a” movie or “B” movie, it says the user, not the movie, and visa versa :p

    • I think it was intentional considering the post is Discord themed. All of the logos at the bottom are flipped.

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