Brony Funds Donation Drive

Drawn by AllisZero

Hello everypony! Brony Funds has five new bronies in need of help. They’re hoping to raise $2500 collectively for them, so please come by and help these great people out. First up they have Krill from Ask Queen Chrysalis. Krill recently lost her job, can’t afford internet, and is in danger of having nowhere to go. Next they have TJ Carson of Ask Pirate Dash. He lost his job a month ago and is currently living on unemployment. He has a wife and 3 year old child and really needs the help. Bitter Frost’s mod (link to mod blog) was also fired unexpectedly. She doesn’t have a permanent place to stay and currently only making money off of commissions, which isn’t enough to live on. Then they have FlavinBagel of Ask Gamer Ponies who was also fired and needs money for rent next month. He is currently unemployed and looking for work. Finally, Leigh of Ask Fizzy is behind on bills and can barely support herself and her fiancé. All of these are really great people and it would be awesome if we could help them all out. Brony Funds will be streaming all week starting on June 9th at 6 PM CDT and ending on the 15th at 6 PM CDT at their site So, go there and have some fun and contribute to a good cause!

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I am a currently a student. Music is a great interest of mine. I play the violin whenever I have free time, and sometimes I participate in concerts or recitals. I am also highly affiliated to Math and Astronomy and hope to become and astronomer or theoretical physicist one day. Art and general drawing are some of my other great passions. All this was greatly strengthened when I found ponies. I felt I needed to find a way to help the community and give back in the best way I can, so I created Brony Funds. An online charity organization that is centered around the brony community or anyone with a passion to help those in need. Furthermore if you want to find me, I am a moderator of BronyState a fantastic site where ponies can meet with other ponies and share their creations, thoughts, and time together.

4 thoughts on “Brony Funds Donation Drive

  1. I only just joined the community here at BronyState, and it’s been a great experience. I want to help however I can around here to keep people happy. I cashed in my change jar at home and sent it in to BronyFunds. Hope it helps. I know you’d all help me out, even if you don’t know me, as I don’t know you.

  2. DerpStar and I sent money from our wedding fund to help these fine people out, many people live in hard times but few take the time to lend a hand, we feel glad we did.

  3. We live in very difficult times. Bronies everywhere have to stick together and help one another. I’m currently unemployed and living with my parents but I will donate as much as I can to these wonderful people. Amen.

  4. For this fundraiser, the ones you are donating to: Ask Queen Chrysalis, Ask Bitter Frost, Ask Pirate Dash, Ask Gamer Ponies, and Ask Fizzy’s blog authors, will be giving out commissions to the five people who donate the most. They’re only doing one commission each and you must be in chat for when we announce the winners this coming Friday at the end of the event if you want a chance to win. Highest donor gets first pick of artist and so on. So, keep donating for a chance to win and help out a cause!

    And not to mention, besides our wonderful blog artists, there will be some more special guests making an appearance for your entertainment. We will have Bree Faith (voice actor of Pinkie in the Epic Cupcake Time series), ROBCakeran53 (author of My Little Dashie), the staff of Everypony Sings, and Saberspark. So come by, watch some streams with our guests, have fun, and remember to donate to a good cause! Thanks!

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