Public Announcement on BMN Lottery Surveys

To help eliminate the issues of constant re-rolls and extended lottery intermissions during Brony Movie Night, we’ve decided to close future survey submissions to the lottery on Thursday nights at 7 PM EDT. We will no longer be accepting submissions during the days of BMN.

This week’s survey, however, will close on Friday during the credits of the A Movie and the lottery will be held during Euro BMN’s intermission. We hope with these changes in place we will be able to reduce the amount of the time the lottery takes.

Thanks for your understanding.

2 thoughts on “Public Announcement on BMN Lottery Surveys

  1. So does that mean the lottery will take place before the movie night stream, or is the earlier close there to give the mods time to prune out disallowed entries?

  2. Hopefully everypony will have received and had filled the survey by then… I for one, haven’t seen one this week. I’m not sure if the issue has even fixed yet though, this didn’t really answer that question.

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