BronyState Podcast with GigabitHarmonie and Allegr0; tonight, 8:30 PM EST/EDT

Hello again viewers! BronyState is proud to present straight to your monitors tonight’s podcast hosted by GigabitHarmonie and Allegr0, two close friends of BronyState’s VioletVanilla (aka DJNilla).

Starting at 8:30 PM EST/EDT the adventure begins as Gigabit and Allegr0 do some co-op gaming with an internal chat followed by a Q&A session. Come join these guys and share your questions with them!

If you’d like to get in touch with the guys personally, you can hit them up via their email at [email protected] for suggestions, comments, and whatever else you’d like.

We hope to see you all there and we hope that you all have a great time!

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One thought on “BronyState Podcast with GigabitHarmonie and Allegr0; tonight, 8:30 PM EST/EDT

  1. Couldn’t find or remember the damned email link Dari mentioned on stream, but I wanted to give a shout out to Rinachan who’s apparently been feeling down lately. Dunno why though, she’s been voicing a craptonne of stuff which has been highly entertaining to me and millions within and without the brony community, from the .mov series to newgrounds. It’s been all good.

    And remember Rina, if someone’s getting you down then just hug em. Hug em until they plead for air, til the ribs break and the eyes bulge like that movie total recall, the one with that Austrian dude who’s name I can’t spell without making it sound racist. Do that for the community and you might feel a little better.

    Peace out motherfucker.

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