Lottery Winners on July 28

It’s Lottery time! This week we had 147 entries, and our winners are:

Congratulations to our winners! See you all Friday August 3 for the next Bronystate Lottery!

A Reminder: Lottery will now close at 7pm EDT on Thursdays to give staff time to disqualify votes that need to be disqualified (due to encores, wrong categories, etc). To help our viewers understand what sorts of films do and do not belong in each category, this week’s Lottery entries have been anonymized and are linked below. Red entries are not eligible, with reason in brackets. Thanks for tuning in!

Lottery Entries for July 27 2012

5 thoughts on “Lottery Winners on July 28

  1. I’m kind of wondering, how does the schedule work and how do I know which movie is playing there and there? c:

  2. Couldn’t help but notice that, like, 5 people had both Twister for A movie and MST3K for B movie.

    • That was because some members of the Fluttershy chat room agreed to vote for the same A and B in hopes of it getting picked.

  3. NO WAY! endhiran is awesome! it is by far the best bollywod movie I have seen so far!

    • Not all B movies are considered bad. Case in point, Auguirre: Wrath of God received an 8.0 on IMDb (well above the 7.0 standard for A movies). However, it, as well as all the selected B movies, is classified as B for low budget or lower popularity than a typical A movie would receive.

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