So long, and thanks for all the fish…

It has been a fun run for me everyone, streaming art or music requests for all of you, playing silly games in chat and shooting zombies together. But it has come time for me to hang up my hat as a moderator for Bronystate. I won’t go into details because most of them are personal and/or boring, but I’ll still be hanging around the site and on the irc if you ever want to play a game or just chat. I hope that we had fun together (not counting the troublemakers :P ) and will still look forward to watching S3 with everypony.

With much pony love, kirzstryfe

15 thoughts on “So long, and thanks for all the fish…

  1. …So this means he’s going back to nomming everyone… yush.

    You’ve had a great run here as a mod kirz. I can’t remind you or anyone else here enough that you are the hero that BronyState deserves.

  2. Going to miss working with you, going to miss your newsletters, and I’m especially going to miss your candy-colored text. I hope you get your life straightened out. May God bless you.


    In all seriousness though, Kirz, you were a great mod, and a really cool guy to talk to. The chat and the site’s going to be that much more empty without you. I wish you luck in whatever it is that you’re gonna do in the future.

    You were the hero BronyState deserved.

  4. Thank you for everything, Kirz. Look forward to seeing you among us unwashed masses. I promise we aren’t that smelly, honest.

  5. YES one spot open, here’s my chance. Oh errrm I mean, you were a great mod kirzstryfe. No one would be able to replace you. Also you really do have a nice playlist.

  6. Thanks for everything, Kirz!! You were a great, fun mod, and you, your stream, and your colors shall be greatly missed. I hope all the ‘personal’ stuff is sorted out or whatever reason you’re resigning is…. Glad to hear you’ll still play games, and stick around on the site. So, good luck with everything, and I’ll see you around in chat ^_^

  7. Noooo! D= cries You will be missed as a streamer kirz. I’m glad you’re still hanging around though.

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