P-P-Podcast Wrapup!

Hey everyone, SaxyPretender here. So in case you weren’t able to catch our weekly podcast show (in which case you really should, it’s loads of fun), our rocking hosts, Allegr0 and GigabitHarmonie had quite a surprise! They’re off, traveling to the wonderland of Equestria! And by Equestria, I mean the Brony Fan Fair in Austin, Texas! However, they’re going to need a bit of help to do so! Don’t worry, when you donate, you’ll get pretty neat stuff too!

So it’s as follows: $1 will get you a Twitter shoutout! Be it on the road, at the McDonalds, at the con, even while sleeping! (disclaimer: they may not actually tweet during sleep)

$5 will get you a live on-air shoutout! Hear your name (yes, YOU!) uttered by the melodious voices of our charming hosts and travelers!

$10 and ye shall recieve a Pony Posing Picture (up to 6)! Now what is this, you ask? Well…

“We’re taking along our set of ponies, the blind bag ones, and we’ll post them and take pictures either at the con, in the hotel, or on the road. Want to see Fluttershy driving the car? Done! Want to see all of the ponies having a meal at McDonald’s? Done!”

Thanks, Gigabit!

$15 is even better because you get a Pony Posing Picture presenting positively ALL (16) of the ponies! That’s right, ALL. (once again, 16). THE. PONIES.

$50 will score you a Dramatique Fanfic Rrrreading (Please make sure that the fanfic in question abides by BronyState rules. No NSFW, gore, shock, anything that might make Derpy cry)

“Now Saxy,” you may ask, “this sounds like an amazing idea, but where shall I give my money and my heart to?”

Well, I don’t know about hearts, but you can donate to this paypal account: [email protected] And don’t worry, all your donation will be used to help Gigabit and Allegr0′s transportation costs and living fees. Anything beyond that will be donated to charity!

In other podcast related news, here is your QUESTION OF THE WEEK!

“Where would you live in Equestria, and why?” Also, “How would you adjust to living in your residence of choice?”

Please send your replies to: [email protected]

Until next time, stay classy, folks!