Brony Fan Fair Podcast Schedule (or PS, BFF)

Hey guys, it’s SaxyPretender again! So the last time I got to make one of these fancy-shmancy posts, I told the tale of two wandering podcast hosts, named Allegr0 and GigabitHarmonie, travelling to the Brony Fan Fair in Austin, Texas. Well, they’ve seen fit to allow me to relay what their schedule is going to be like! So without further ado:

12pm Opening Ceremony
3pm PonyKart
4pm Equestrian Gaming Hour
5pm Costume Contest
6pm – 7pm Getting dinner outside of the con
7pm Voice acting in the community
8pm How to Draw Ponies
9:30pm – 10:30pm Whooves Line

10am Rina-Chan Q&A

Pretty neat, huh? Well, it gets better! They’ll also be holding a very special LIVE PODCAST SHOW, at around 12:30 PM EST after the Whooves Line panel! They’ll also be tweeting from @PixelPonyShow to let us know how things are going, so make sure you follow that for all the latest updates! And just a quick reminder; if you’ve donated to help our boys get there, make sure you send your requests to [email protected]

So come in, pull up a chair (or preferred device of sitting) and enjoy the show!