Lottery Winners on October 5

Our lottery selection and winners for October 12 movie night are:

Congratulations to our winners! See you all Saturday October 13 for the next BronyState Lottery!

Once again, we will post the list of anonymized lottery entries along with our comments on misfiled movies. If you keep seeing your pick marked as being in the wrong category, be sure to fix that, as we really don’t like disqualifying so many picks from a given week.

Lottery Entries for October 5

7 thoughts on “Lottery Winners on October 5

  1. Can you guys make up your mind with what is the difference between A- and B-Movies? There are few contradictions between last weeks entries again… And I say “again”, since last weeks list had some major contradictions with decisions made in the very first entry list you published.

  2. “reboot daemon rising [encore, streamed during week]” Not listed on the spreadsheet, how the hell am I supposed to know?

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