Nightmare Night Art Contest!

Time to get festive, artists, because Bronystate’s Art Dept is holding a contest starting now and ending on the end of October 30th, (That’s 11:59 PM EDT,) and we will reveal the winners on the 31st, or some time around there! The theme for this contest is, of course, Halloween! (Or Nightmare Night, whatever sizzles your bacon.)

Like I said, the theme is Halloween/Nightmare night! You know, Nightmare Moon, timber-wolves, dark forests, creepy dungeons, and GOBBLING UP LITTLE FOALS! Ahem… Give us a spooky scenario! Something to give us goosebumps when we judge! Okay, probably nothing you draw could scare me, but I hear SuperBrony is a scaredy-cat!

You can use any artistic means at your disposal, but if you STEAL other artists’ drawings or CHEAT in any way, you’re disqualified! You may collaborate with at least one other artist in this contest, but the two of you will have to either share the prizes or decide who gets it before-hand. Also, no NSFW allowed! For questionable/borderline content, contact a mod to give me (BaconMane) a shout. Or contact me yourself if I’m online!

Now then, onto the prizes! These prizes aren’t in any particular order. The first place winner gets to choose their prize first. The second place winner gets to choose their prize second, and the third place winner gets what remains! Here are the prizes available to our winners:

(Each winner will be featured on our website!)
- Gigabit: Either 5 sets of MLP cards OR 2 pocket-ponies.
- Shizuka: Dungeons of Dredmor OR Torchlight on Steam.
- SuperBrony64: Full 4-poster set of the Wal-Mart MLP posters. (Only in the U.S. or Canada because shipping.)
- Chiroko: One free request drawing, just for you! (Limitations will be discussed if you choose this prize.)

Look at all that freakin’ awesome stuff you could win! Artists, get your pencils/brushes/whatevers ready, and get drawing! Submission are to be sent to [email protected] !

Yours deliciously, BaconMane. (Art Dept. Lead)

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