New Lunar Radio Interviews BronyState Staff!

Hey all you guys and gals, BronyState is going to be interviewed by our friends “New Lunar Radio” October 21st, 5:30 PM EST.

Before the interview starts, a podcast will begin but I assure we’ll not be long. Our lovely hosts will be Darkman and Calcos and the BronyState staff in attendance will be Gigabit and Allegr0 (of Pixel Perfect Pony Show), Scoot-Scootaloo, and yours truly, Ghosties. You’ll be able to find our interview live tomorrow at our website as well as NLR’s, so be sure to tune in and enjoy the show!

We hope to see all of you BronyStaters there as we chat about ponies and the upcoming season, and laugh along with the guys over at New Lunar Radio! See you then!

New Lunar Radio is and

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