About Us

BronyState: What is it?

BronyState is a place where fans of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (AKA Bronies) come together to socialize while watching a series of movies and episodes of said show. These weekly streams occur on Fridays at 7PM Eastern Standard Time, with a repeated showing for European bronies at 2PM EST the next day. In addition to the regular streams, BronyState also does off hand Let’s Plays, random video showings, and even special weekend-long holiday events.

Our Mission

BronyState emphasizes a heavy policy on the Brony aspect of the community, instead of strictly ponies. What this means is that this site is primarily dedicated to the fan, so outlets like movies, games, discussions, art, etc. is focused on you guys: the Bronies. While we are known to be the number 1 streaming service for FiM episodes, we offer much more than just ponies.

Contact Us

BronyState has several means of communication, all of which can be seen at the bottom of each page on its site. BronyState is often featured in The Daily /oat/ on Ponychan, as well as having threads in the /chat/ section. It has a Twitter Account, an Email account, and a page for Brony Movie Night on Facebook.