It Begins

BronyState and Brony Movie Night was conceived in early May by New DCD and Hipster Brony as a community event for Ponychan without new FiM episodes being aired on Fridays during the summer. The first event was only a single movie, and was utter chaos as over three times the predicted number of attendees showed up for it. With an understanding of how popular the event seemed to be, a different and much better chat client was added, and Ghosties, Silverscreen and Flutterpeanut were hired as additional moderators, with SirSprinkles and Prince Dari added a few weeks later. Not long afterwards it was decided that BronyState should expand further, which meant the need for new mods, and the hiring of RainBroDash and Luna.

Within Ponychan and Lucky Lottery

The original method of movie selection was a GET battle on Ponychan’s /oat/ board, the first person with a trips GET got to select the movie genre, second got to select the movie within that genre. This was a very flawed system, and caused a bit of a nuisance on Ponychan, resulting in the threads being moved to /chat/. This move made GETting nearly impossible, and the system was scrapped out of necessity. It was replaced with the lottery system that is currently in use, and Brony Movie Night selection threads were allowed to remain on the /oat/ board afterwards.


After weeks of complaints from European bronies that the 7 PM Eastern showtime for the movies made it difficult for them to watch, the Brony Movie Night staff decided to add an encore showing on Saturdays at 2 PM Eastern (7 PM GMT) that would allow them to watch the broadcast without having to stay up until the wee hours of the morning. Brony Movie Night now regularly broadcasts on both days, and alternates the lottery between days each week so that both groups are able to select movies.

Saying Goodbye to Our Founder

Around the time that BronyState held its “End of Summer” LotR trilogy event, site creator and founder, Hipster_Brony, had decided to officially step down from BronyState to pursue other goals in the community. Before he left, Hipster had mentioned that leadership of BronyState would pass on to three members, and because of his position his word was carried out and a new hierarchy of leadership was established.

Gearing Up for Season 2

As a response to the upcoming Season 2 premiere, BronyState sought to hire on a new wave of moderators to help watch over the chat in preparation. Valthejean, Violet Vanilla, SuperBrony64, and Wrek were just a few mods that were brought on to help with the site’s undoubtedly large traffic at the time. In addition, streamer applications were sent out and eventually applicants were narrowed down to Sumica who would remain our main FiM streamer to this day.

Six Month Anniversary

In November of 2011, the original moderators who had been around since the beginning of the site’s creation through Summer held a “Mod’s Pick” where a single movie was chosen by the original mods and shown each day on the week of the anniversary. Hipster_Brony even joined in and contributed to the event and attended a live open interview with other original mods as they addressed a live BronyState audience’s questions and concerns.

Third Wave of Moderators

By the end of 2011 BronyState’s number of moderators had thinned due to various circumstances and thus, throughout December and January past, a third wave of applications for moderators was held. In this time, a large number of applications were sent in and a great deal of people were eventually chosen to become new moderators for the team which boosted our numbers nicely. With this new reinforcement of crew members BronyState felt more confident pushing forward into the new year.

BronyState Today

As of April 2012, BronyState is home to over twenty staff members all ranging from IRC moderators, to technicians and even artists. The admin team oversees the daily operations of BronyState inside both the IRC and the site itself in order to provide the most entertaining, welcoming, friendly atmosphere a Brony could have.

Former Staff

  • Crossbreeze
  • Denied Existence
  • Flutterpeanut
  • Fluttershy`
  • Hipster Brony
  • Octavia
  • SirSprinkles