About Us

Bronystate is a community of widely diverse interests, brought together by My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

We run three regular events: Friday Movie Night every Friday at 7pm Eastern Time, Saturday Movie Night on Saturdays at 1pm Eastern Time, and live showings of the newest My Little Pony episodes when they air. Chat services are provided by the PonyChat IRC Network.


Founded in May 2011 by DCD and Hipster Brony of Ponychan, Bronystate began life as a weekly movie night event operated by chan threads. The site expanded greatly in its first year, starting a tradition with Sumica showing the newest Pony episodes live, and running more open lotteries with the viewers on IRC to select each week's movie. Violet's Christmas Radio Drama closed out the year.

Bronystate's second year saw the launch of Bronystate 2.0, a Wordpress-based site constructed by Shizuka and Saturn. While initially rocky, the fans quickly grew to adore the new site's features. The Trilogy Summer event began, showing a number of movie series that wouldn't get voted for otherwise – because who wants to watch just Spiderman 2? Bronystate's First Annual Tom Awards Show was also produced that May, selecting the best movies and episodes from the site's first year, among other categories.

In 2013, the Second Annual Tom Awards Show was released, followed by another run of Trilogy Summer. Bronystate had found its niche, and hired some new mods to take over for those that had left in 2012.

The long hiatus of 2014 was easily weathered by Bronystate's crazy varied programming, from nostalgic shows to games with commentary to random movies showing late at night.

In late 2015, Shizuka decided enough was enough from the aging Wordpress platform, and so rebuilt the site from scratch to release Bronystate 3.0. Naturally, season five of My Little Pony was just ending, so traffic was low. Development continued for weeks, with new features and improvements to old features coming online every week.

Who knows what 2016 will bring? Stay tuned to Bronystate, where the fun only doubles on days ending in Y!

Our Staff

  • Buytoast

    Officially "That Guy"
    • Location: Chicago, IL
    • Favorite Movie: Dredd
  • Eulshy

  • Fengor

    The Mighty Barbarian
    • Location: An island of indeterminate location
    • Favorite Pony: Rarity
    • Favorite Movie: The Godfather
  • fluttercry

    Great Salt Flat
    • Location: Virginia, US
    • Favorite Pony: Octavia
    • Favorite Movie: Back to the Future, Raiders of the Lost Ark
  • GabeMoist

    • Location: Jerseyland
    • Favorite Pony: Colgate
  • konsoln

    • Location: Europe
    • Favorite Pony: Rarity
  • Krazy

    • Location: Australia
    • Favorite Pony: Spike
  • Luna

    Original Bronystate Mare
    • Location: Europe Maneland
    • Favorite Pony: Princess Luna
  • MirrorImage

    Changeling in Training
    • Location: Pennsylvania, USA
    • Favorite Pony: Applejack
  • Phase

  • Saturn

  • Shizuka

    Resident Miracle Worker
    • Location: Twin Cities, MN
    • Favorite Pony: VioletVanilla
    • Favorite Movie: Twister
  • Sumica

    Streaming Guru
    • Location: Las Vegas, NV
    • Favorite Pony: Applejack
    • Favorite Movie: Spaceballs
  • texasboykc09

    Seasonal Intern
    • Favorite Pony: Flutterbat
    • Favorite Movie: Smokey and the Bandit 2
  • TheGreatAndPowerfulT

    Powerful and Great
    • Location: Mexico
    • Favorite Pony: Trixie
    • Favorite Movie: Kiki's Delivery Service
  • ValtheJean

    Lord of the Trident
    • Location: In your mind
    • Favorite Pony: Caramel
    • Favorite Movie: To Live
  • VioletVanilla

    Queen of Wub
    • Location: Missing, if found please return!
    • Favorite Pony: Derpy Hooves
    • Favorite Movie: Midnight in Paris
  • Vuxul

    Logical Nordicpony
    • Location: Denmark
    • Favorite Pony: Rainbow Dash
  • Wrek

    Artful Viking
    • Location: Karlskrona, Sweden
    • Favorite Pony: Twilight Sparkle
    • Favorite Movie: Sunshine

Retired Staff

  • Diftraku
  • Elsie
  • Fluttershy`
  • Ghosties
  • Hipster-Pony
  • kirzstryfe
  • NewDCD
  • Nittany_Discord
  • Octavia
  • Prince-Dari
  • RainBroDash
  • Robot_Pinkie
  • SaxyPretender
  • Scoot-Scootaloo
  • Silverscreen
  • SirSprinkles
  • SlurryMoon
  • SuperBrony64