Fanfiction Contest: Through the Looking Glass

The object of the contest is to write a one-shot piece of fanfiction describing what you think Equestria Girls will (or should!) be like! And, remember: anything goes! Do you want their high school to be haunted? Go ahead! Do you want to flip their genders? That’s fine too! Do you want them to secretly be robot pilots that fight eldritch horrors in their spare time? WHY NOT? As long as the story is reasonably self-contained and meets the minimum word count, as well as the content conditions outlined below, anything will be accepted!

See below for details on prizes and other conditions!

Prompt: Equestria Girls one-shot! What do you see in the future for our ponies-turned-humans?

Minimum Word Count: 2000 words


  • First prize gets first pick from the prize list below, and will be read on-stream in the voice of one Morgan Freeman (substitute)!

  • Second prize gets second pick, and a review spotlight on the above stream.

  • Third prize gets the leftovers, and a review spotlight on the above stream.

The prize list is as follows:

  • One (1) Steam game, under 10 USD, courtesy of Reikim
  • An artistic commission of your choice, courtesy of the wonderful and talented Chobibi
  • Any line you want (and we mean /any/ line) said in the voice of your favourite pony, courtesy of the absurdly-connected Scoot-Scootaloo

Rules and Content Conditions - No rule 34. Period. There’s a difference between sex as a plot point and sex as a plot, and believe us, we know the difference.

  • No excessive gore. See the above. Gore for gore’s sake is just as bad as sex for the sake of sex.

  • No hatefics. If you’re going to tear the premise apart, please, put some thought into it; if you’re just here to complain about the show’s existence, please, go elsewhere.

  • No taking existing plots and pasting them wholesale into the EG universe. That’s plagiarism, and that’s a big no-no. At least /try/ to be original about it.

  • Crossovers are perfectly fine, as long as the EG cast remains central.

  • Bronystate is an English-speaking service. That carries over into our contests. British or American dictionaries only.

  • Spelling and grammar will be given particular attention. A typo here or there will be overlooked; excessive errors bordering on illegibility will not. Grab a proofreader, save a sanity point.

  • All entries will be judged on even grounds. You will not be deducted points for using a specific scenario or theme, so long as it adheres to the guidelines given above; you will only be judged based on your skil in executing the story.

Submission Instructions

Oh good, you’re still here. So that means you’re at least vaguely interested!

Submissions will be accepted between 12 AM June 17, and 12 AM June 24. Please do your best to ensure your entry is in .doc or .docx format, and openable in Word 2010 or earlier; we’re pretty good at finding ways of making things work, but if for whatever weird reason we can’t open your entry, we can’t very well judge it! If you want to, you may also submit a link to your story on FimFic, FanFic, or whatever site floats your boat; might as well take the chance for some self-advertsement while you’re at it!

All entries should be sent to [email protected]

We look forward to your participation!

Art contest results are in! New spotlight page.

Now that Halloween is over, the Nightmare Night Art Contest has closed, and the entries have been judged!

We received several entries, but only three artists could come out on top, and in order from first place to third place, they were RaveBrony, Panda, and Reikim. Be sure to congratulate them whenever you see them!

But that’s not enough… you want to actually see the art submitted, don’t you? :3 Go ahead and click the “Spotlight” page up in the menu up there! Go on! Click it!

(To artists who made it in the top three, BaconMane will contact you for the prizes.)

Nightmare Night Art Contest!

Time to get festive, artists, because Bronystate’s Art Dept is holding a contest starting now and ending on the end of October 30th, (That’s 11:59 PM EDT,) and we will reveal the winners on the 31st, or some time around there! The theme for this contest is, of course, Halloween! (Or Nightmare Night, whatever sizzles your bacon.)

Like I said, the theme is Halloween/Nightmare night! You know, Nightmare Moon, timber-wolves, dark forests, creepy dungeons, and GOBBLING UP LITTLE FOALS! Ahem… Give us a spooky scenario! Something to give us goosebumps when we judge! Okay, probably nothing you draw could scare me, but I hear SuperBrony is a scaredy-cat!

You can use any artistic means at your disposal, but if you STEAL other artists’ drawings or CHEAT in any way, you’re disqualified! You may collaborate with at least one other artist in this contest, but the two of you will have to either share the prizes or decide who gets it before-hand. Also, no NSFW allowed! For questionable/borderline content, contact a mod to give me (BaconMane) a shout. Or contact me yourself if I’m online!

Now then, onto the prizes! These prizes aren’t in any particular order. The first place winner gets to choose their prize first. The second place winner gets to choose their prize second, and the third place winner gets what remains! Here are the prizes available to our winners:

(Each winner will be featured on our website!)
- Gigabit: Either 5 sets of MLP cards OR 2 pocket-ponies.
- Shizuka: Dungeons of Dredmor OR Torchlight on Steam.
- SuperBrony64: Full 4-poster set of the Wal-Mart MLP posters. (Only in the U.S. or Canada because shipping.)
- Chiroko: One free request drawing, just for you! (Limitations will be discussed if you choose this prize.)

Look at all that freakin’ awesome stuff you could win! Artists, get your pencils/brushes/whatevers ready, and get drawing! Submission are to be sent to [email protected] !

Yours deliciously, BaconMane. (Art Dept. Lead)

Bronystate Art Contest Cancelled

Attention bronystate visitors/artists: Due to certain circumstances that I don’t feel like explaining, the “Summer Art Celebration” for 2012 has been cancelled. If you are unaware, this was an art contest that we’ve had going for a while now. Besides, we haven’t had any entries so we aren’t harming anyone! There is possibility of an art contest in the future, perhaps this winter of 2012-2013. Stick around, artists.

Any questions, ask me.


Paintchat Notice (update!)

Attention: Due to technical issues, the paint-chat has been taken offline. But don’t worry, we expect it to be back online within the next couple of days. Thank you for your patience, and sorry for any inconvenience.

We are happy to report that Paintchat is up and running again. If you experience any difficulties please let us know and we will look into them!

New Bronystate Viewer Record!

Great news! The record high number of viewers on the Bronystate stream all at one time has been broken!

Today, March 10, 2012, during the live streaming of the pony episode “It’s About Time” between 1:00 PM and 1:30 PM EST, the number of viewers on the Bronystate LiveStream flew over 6100 viewers! That’s about 1000 more viewers than our previous record peak of around 5100!

Bronystate thanks our wonderful viewers who come here every week, and together shattered the old record!

(Below is a graph of the number of users in our mane 6 chat rooms during the episode.)

PonyChat Statistics

Welcome to Bronystate 2.0!

The team has been working hard over the past few months to bring you this wonderful new experience! Bronystate has been updated with a cool new look, a WordPress-based announcement system, revised rules, a backlog of all movies shown during Brony Movie Nights, a new Brony Paintchat, and much more to come in the future! Be sure to stay tuned to Bronystate or subscribe to our newsletter by sending your email to our team members ValtheJean or SuperBrony64.

Want to know more about our dedicated team who made this all possible? Head on over to the Our Staff page to get to know them better! Perhaps you haven’t been visiting Bronystate forever, and want to see some of the movies we have watched before? Visit our Past Movies page and have a look into Bronystate’s backlog of films. If you’re curious as to how Bronystate began and got to how it is today, take a look at the History page. Be sure to re-read the Rules, because we have revised them to make an even better experience for our viewers!

From the all of us at Bronystate, we thank our wonderful viewers for continuing to come and support Bronystate in these past months. We couldn’t have done it without you! We hope you all enjoy the new experience of Bronystate 2.0!