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Snowdrop Premiere at Bronystate!

Hey! Scoots here telling you the news that we will be premiereing Snowdrop this Thursday at 8pm EST! Meet us at the equinox as we interview the people behind this film before the grand premiere, and stick around for the post commentary. It’s going to be hype, y’all!

This Spring Equinox… Snow. Will. Drop.

As we say goodbye to Winter and hello to Spring, many of us might remember with fondness the first snow we had this year, and just how beautiful it was…not so different from the fillies and colts in Equestria. But Winter wasn’t always a beautiful celebration…in fact, it was a time that many ponies dreaded. Most everyone has forgotten just how the first snow became celebrated in Equestria… and the little filly that made it all possible. But now, her story is finally going to be told.

Join us this Thursday the 21st at 8 PM EDT as we look back at Equestria’s history in the premiere viewing of SillyFillyStudios’ animated feature “Snowdrop”.

Bronystate and Celestia Radio

Hey everyone! As well as our regular airing of Season 3 of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, we will be having a brand new segment with our friends at Celestia Radio! Not only that, we have Sethisto of EqD and Haybuck from Bronycon joining us for a special announcement during the Season 3 Premiere Pre Show!

From now on, Celestia Radio and Bronystate work to bring you the what’s what of episode analysis, prediction, and interpretation with our new Season 3 Pre and Post shows! It’s going to be super special awesome!

Neighsayers Interview TheLivingTombstone and NavyBrony!

Hey, Scoot-Scootaloo here! We got an awesome end of the week line up! First off, an interview with TheLivingTombstone! Join us for some debauchery and musical wub-ness~ And then before Movie Night, we have an Interview with our friend, Navy Brony!It’s gonna be super special awesome! As always, we will notify you guys wehn we start having these up on youtube, so that you can see them if you miss it!

Pixel Pony Show Canceled for Tonight

The Pixel Ponies has had some computer issues and unfortunately, they are unable to do the show tonight.

I know, sad isn’t it?

That doesn’t mean it’s gone forever! You can still see them next week…same time, same place (9pm ESt) In the meantime, you can email them at [email protected] and you can also stay updated on their latest updates at @pixelponyshow!

See you next week!

Neighsayers interview Tsitra360!

Right before Movie Night, Scoot-Scootaloo will e talking with the ever talented Tsitra360! An artist, a graphic designer extraordinaire, and an animator for the upcoming fan made episode “Double Rainboom”, he is an all around awesome person and it was very fun talking to him about what he does… and what he will do! Tune in for a surprise Bronystate Exclusive during the interview! You heard it hear first, whatever it is!