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BMN Lottery Winners on February 16th

Congratulations to those that won our Saturday Feb 16th Lotto!

The winning selections and winners are:

See you all Friday, February 22nd for the next Brony Movie Night lottery! Wish you all the best of luck! For more info on how to enter our lottery, please check the FAQs of our site.

Episode Livestream Post-Show with special guest Andrea Libman!

Andrea Libman is coming to BronyState~

Hello everyone! We have a special announcement regarding this week’s Pony Episode Livestream. Our Post-Show is going to have a special guest: Voice Actress of Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy, Andrea Libman! She’ll be chatting live with staff from both BronyState and Celestia Radio and giving reactions and thoughts of the episode right after it airs! We’ll be posting more info regarding this special Post-Show in the near future so be sure to check back frequently throughout the week. She’ll be joining with us around 11:00 AM EST this Saturday December 15th, which is at the end of the new MLP:FiM Episode.

Hope to see you all there!

BronyState / Celestia Radio

BronyState Equestria LA Convention Live Coverage

Hey everypony, no doubt you’ve heard that Equestria LA is just around the corner. It’s THIS weekend as a matter of fact (November 3-4). I’ll be there providing as much coverage as possible for you all. There will be live images and text updates on everything that happens.

Where can you get in on the action? Glad you asked, you can get all the latest at EQLA by following @ConCrusaders on Twitter. Be sure to keep an eye out on there for any surprises that may happen!

If you want more info on the convention, please visit http://www.equestriala.com . You’ll see info on Events and Vendors that will be there. See something of interest that you would like coverage on? Send an email to [email protected] with your suggestions.

Stay tuned!

BronyState’s Nightmare Night Gaming Week Starts Today!

Greetings everypony! Nightmare Night is less than three days away and we’re going to have spooky fun with it! The fun starts tonight at 7:30 PM EDT with two special haunted games being streamed, Scratches (Gigabit) and Luigi’s Mansion (SuperBrony64).

Tomorrow on Tuesday @ 7 PM EDT we have Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2 multiplayer fun between both BronyState Mods and Viewers!

Then, on Wednesday @ 7 PM EDT (Nightmare Night!), we’ll conclude the haunted celebration with some Team Fortress 2 multiplayer Man VS Machine and even Deathmatch brawls.

We hope to see you all there and ready to play!

Lottery Winners on October 27th!

Congratulations to Saturday’s winners of the BMN Lottery:

Congratulations to our winners! See you all Friday November 2 for the next BronyState Lottery!

If you do not wish to receive the Bronystate lottery surveys or Newsletter, please click on the Unsubscribe link in the email rather than report it as spam. Viewers doing so have been causing Gmail and other providers to falsely flag our survey emails as spam.

MLP:FiM Season 3 Premieres on November 10th!

We’ve been through the longest ‘New Pony Episode’ drought in the history of Ponies with no word on an official forecast date of Ponies…until today! My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Season 3 has been OFFICIALLY confirmed to premiere November 10th! Want proof? Check the image below that was posted on The Hub’s Facebook page:

Be sure to stay tuned to BronyState as we provide all your live Pony episode premiere needs. We’ll also have more info as we approach November 10th about our stream of the Season 3 Premiere :)

Lottery Winners on September 29

Our lottery selection and winners for October 5-6 BMN are:

Congratulations to our winners! See you all Friday October 5 for the next BronyState Lottery!

Below are the entries for the September 29th Lottery. Ineligible entries are marked in red with a note explaining why they are ineligible. Please review this list so that you may better understand what constitutes an A or B movie. Click the link below to see the list


Madmax Special Donation Stream Tonight @ 10 PM EDT

Hey everypony!

The banner above our site is something that a special artist made for us to really represent BronyState in an exciting way. That same artist is now facing financial trouble after an earthquake has damaged most of her apartment.

Madmax will be doing for the first time a special stream that will help to raise money to aid her in this time of need. BronyState is proud to help out by featuring her stream on our site and asking our viewers to pitch in and assist a talented artist and prominent member in the brony community in their time of need. We hope you all will tune in!

The stream starts at 10 PM EDT. For more info, check out: http://csimadmax.deviantart.com/#/d5dxztu