Post-Show Throwdown

Hello all you pony fans and admirers. We’ve got some exciting news to share with you all! Everyone’s looking forward to the upcoming premiere, as well as what should be another excellent season. We here at Bronystate are happy to share the experience with you and we hope for nothing but the best. With that in mind, we are pleased to announce a new collaborative project with Celestia Radio: The Post-Show Throwdown. Join the talented DJs of CR and the ever watchful mods of Bronystate in a 30 minute post-show chat every week. We have lots of fun planned ahead, you wont want to miss it! This week will feature DJ Shamrock, DJKBrony and ValtheJean, hope to see you there!

Snowdrop Premiere at Bronystate!

Hey! Scoots here telling you the news that we will be premiereing Snowdrop this Thursday at 8pm EST! Meet us at the equinox as we interview the people behind this film before the grand premiere, and stick around for the post commentary. It’s going to be hype, y’all!

This Spring Equinox… Snow. Will. Drop.

As we say goodbye to Winter and hello to Spring, many of us might remember with fondness the first snow we had this year, and just how beautiful it was…not so different from the fillies and colts in Equestria. But Winter wasn’t always a beautiful celebration…in fact, it was a time that many ponies dreaded. Most everyone has forgotten just how the first snow became celebrated in Equestria… and the little filly that made it all possible. But now, her story is finally going to be told.

Join us this Thursday the 21st at 8 PM EDT as we look back at Equestria’s history in the premiere viewing of SillyFillyStudios’ animated feature “Snowdrop”.

Pixel Perfect Pony Show Episode #6!

Hey, it’s Saxy again. If you weren’t able to catch the show this week, well, you missed out on a lot. So lemme catch you up. Allegr0 and the newly programmed Gigabot had some discussion regarding the new season premiere, a game of Cards Against Humanity with DJ Shamrock of Celestia Radio and Darkman of New Lunar Radio, and readings of your replies to the Question of the Week. Speaking of which…this week’s question is:

“What was your favorite part of the Season 3 Premiere?”

As always, you can send your replies to [email protected]!

Now for some big news! The Pixel Perfect Pony Show will be moving and changing their home base to Celestia Radio! Don’t worry though, you can still catch them on Twitter at @PixelPonyShow where they’ll be announcing their show schedule, as well as CR’s website.

Have a few words from Allegr0 and Gigabit while I grab a tissue: “What’s up, my pixels! Even though we’re changing locations, we can never repay you, the viewers, for the hospitality, laughs, and friendship you offered us, and that everything we did was to make you guys happy…and don’t be sad, we know we’ll see you around!”

And now a little something from me. Guys, it was great listening to your show and writing up this little posts every week! I know you guys are going to keep being awesome, and we’re all going to miss you a lot over here! Best of luck!

Neighsayers Interview TheLivingTombstone and NavyBrony!

Hey, Scoot-Scootaloo here! We got an awesome end of the week line up! First off, an interview with TheLivingTombstone! Join us for some debauchery and musical wub-ness~ And then before Movie Night, we have an Interview with our friend, Navy Brony!It’s gonna be super special awesome! As always, we will notify you guys wehn we start having these up on youtube, so that you can see them if you miss it!

Pixel Perfect Pony Episode #5!

Hello everyone, it’s Saxy with yet another post to add onto the recent torrent of posts (we’re being active!).

So, if for whatever reason you missed the show this Saturday or happened to not remember the question of the week, here it is!

“On Nightmare Night, what was your favorite pony costume?”

Please remember to send all replies to [email protected] and make sure to follow the guys at:!

Pixel Pony Show Canceled for Tonight

The Pixel Ponies has had some computer issues and unfortunately, they are unable to do the show tonight.

I know, sad isn’t it?

That doesn’t mean it’s gone forever! You can still see them next week…same time, same place (9pm ESt) In the meantime, you can email them at [email protected] and you can also stay updated on their latest updates at @pixelponyshow!

See you next week!

Pixel Perfect Pony Show Episode #3!

Hey everyone, it’s Saxy again, and if I’m posting you all know what time it is! That’s right, it’s the podcast roundup!

So the question of this week is, “What video game character would you like to see ponified?” Make sure you email your replay to: [email protected] and include a picture of some sort to show off on stream!

Neighsayers interview Tsitra360!

Right before Movie Night, Scoot-Scootaloo will e talking with the ever talented Tsitra360! An artist, a graphic designer extraordinaire, and an animator for the upcoming fan made episode “Double Rainboom”, he is an all around awesome person and it was very fun talking to him about what he does… and what he will do! Tune in for a surprise Bronystate Exclusive during the interview! You heard it hear first, whatever it is!

Brony Fan Fair Podcast Schedule (or PS, BFF)

Hey guys, it’s SaxyPretender again! So the last time I got to make one of these fancy-shmancy posts, I told the tale of two wandering podcast hosts, named Allegr0 and GigabitHarmonie, travelling to the Brony Fan Fair in Austin, Texas. Well, they’ve seen fit to allow me to relay what their schedule is going to be like! So without further ado:

12pm Opening Ceremony
3pm PonyKart
4pm Equestrian Gaming Hour
5pm Costume Contest
6pm – 7pm Getting dinner outside of the con
7pm Voice acting in the community
8pm How to Draw Ponies
9:30pm – 10:30pm Whooves Line

10am Rina-Chan Q&A

Pretty neat, huh? Well, it gets better! They’ll also be holding a very special LIVE PODCAST SHOW, at around 12:30 PM EST after the Whooves Line panel! They’ll also be tweeting from @PixelPonyShow to let us know how things are going, so make sure you follow that for all the latest updates! And just a quick reminder; if you’ve donated to help our boys get there, make sure you send your requests to [email protected]

So come in, pull up a chair (or preferred device of sitting) and enjoy the show!