Attacking the Darkness: One pony at a time

Hello fellow pony enthusiasts! Tomorrow night we will have a special event the likes of which has never been seen before (on Bronystate). It will feature magic, adventure, mind-boggling puzzles, ponies and a complete lack of structure to brand them all together. This Tuesday, Bronystate will feature its very first live Dungeons and Dragons campaign, hosted and run by ValtheJean. Will our heroes manage to battle their way through hordes of monstrous creatures? Tune in at 7:00 PM EST to find out! Watch as they dare to delve into the dangerous depths of death defying deeds. Who knows, this may just become a regular thing if you all enjoy, so come on down and enjoy the show, we’d love to hear your feedback on it!

Bronystate Users vs Mods TF2 Event December 7th; Accepting Application Now.

Greetings everyone.

Ever wanted to play games with the mods?  Ever wanted to be on stream?  Ever wanted to kick our butts online?  Well now’s your chance.  On Saturday, Dec. 7th, we will be holding a TF2 users vs. mods contest, where teams of 6 users will play against our very own Bronystate mods in best 2 out of 3 event on Team Fortress 2 with prizes for the winners ranging from one game from the Humble WB Bumble to a Steam game of your choice ($10 maximum) .

If you wish to enter, send an e-mail to [email protected] with the subject Team Fortress 2 Event.  You can enter as an individual or as a team.  Single entries only for teams, but please mention all of your team members in the e-mail.  Individuals will be placed into a team by the mods.

This is a PC-only event.  Must have a Steam account and TF2 to participate (both are free).  Entries are due by November 30th.

Bronystate Gaming Stream with The Dashpad This Thursday at 8 PM EDT.

Dead Rainbow Dash gets her point across to Serious Rainbow Dash.  Image courtesy 7th’s Dementia.

Hey everypony.  I am excited to announce that Bronystate will be streaming and playing with the artists of the Tumblr blog The Dashpad.  Entitled “Serious Rainbow’s Tumblrpon Thursday Night Gaming Extravaganza” (SRTTNGE for short), this event will be featuring the Rainbow Dash artists, Bronystate mods, and anyone else interested in joining playing the popular Gmod game type Trouble In Terrorist Town.  If you are interested in playing, please do the following:

  • Be here before 8 PM
  • Join The Rainbow Dashpad steam group (for chat purposes).
  • Have both GMod 10 and Counterstrike: Source (both games are required to play TTT and are pretty cheap).

Slots not reserved are first come-first serve, so be here early!

BronyState’s Nightmare Night Gaming Week Starts Today!

Greetings everypony! Nightmare Night is less than three days away and we’re going to have spooky fun with it! The fun starts tonight at 7:30 PM EDT with two special haunted games being streamed, Scratches (Gigabit) and Luigi’s Mansion (SuperBrony64).

Tomorrow on Tuesday @ 7 PM EDT we have Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2 multiplayer fun between both BronyState Mods and Viewers!

Then, on Wednesday @ 7 PM EDT (Nightmare Night!), we’ll conclude the haunted celebration with some Team Fortress 2 multiplayer Man VS Machine and even Deathmatch brawls.

We hope to see you all there and ready to play!

Gaming Name List

Hey everypony.  StinkomanFan made a list of usernames for various gaming networks.  This will soon become an embedded list on the site.  This way, we can more easily connect to each other in the gaming community and beat the cra…I mean have fun!  It’ll also make it easier for everyone to join our gaming events.

For right now, the list will be posted here.  Add your name to the list if you haven’t already.

Mods vs. Viewers Gaming Night Details.

Hey Everypony!

This Sunday at 3 PM EDT, our gaming department will be holding a mods vs. viewers gaming event. This event will pit Bronystate mods against random viewers in a streamed L4D2 versus match.  Join us and see if you can best the Bronystate staff!

Here are the rules and details for the event.


  • The mod team will consist of Nittany Discord, SlurryMoon, Shizuka, Kirzstryfe, Fluttercry, and Sumica.  We will rotate a mod out once per match.
  • The viewers team will be decided by a lottery.  Interested individuals must join #vinyl_scratch 30 mins before the start of the game.  The names on the users in #vinyl_scratch will be put into a random number generator.  Winners will form the users team.
  • There will be three matches minimum.  The users team will be different for each match, and new users will be picked each time as long as there are enough interested users to fill four slots.  If there are not enough slots to fill with new users, previous users can join as long as they have followed the rules.
  • Game maps will be randomly chosen for each match and will not be repeated.


  • Once you start a match, you must play it to the end unless you have a valid reason to leave (bathroom, dinner, etc.).  If you need to leave temporarily, we will either stop the game for a bit.  If you need to leave for a longer period of time, we will fill your spot.  It’s a good idea to plan ahead so you know that you’ll be able to play a match out without major interruption.  Matches usually run an hour, so make time.
  • Rage quitting will not be tolerated.  If you rage quit, you cannot rejoin the game or any future games.
  • Unsportsmanlike conduct will get you booted out of the game and replaced with no chance of return.  Unsportsmanlike conduct includes excessive swearing, insulting other players, sabotaging your team, and general rude behavior.  We’re here to have fun.
  • Cheating will get you booted from the game with no chance of return.  It may also earn you a VAC ban.  Be smart.
  • Complaining in chat about being booted will likely get you kicked or banned, so don’t do it.

See you Sunday!

Bronystate GW2 Beta

For anypony that will be playing in the Guild Wars 2 Beta this weekend, we would like to invite you to join us and other bronies from around the world that will also be playing. The Beta begins at 3pm PDT and you must already have your key, which is obtained by pre-purchasing the game.

We will be on the world Eternal Grove, Bronystate is the guild name, PONY is the guild tag, and you can find me under the name Kirzstryfe.

Hope to see everyone for some fun this weekend :)