Daylight Saving Time Starts Soon!

Hey folks it’s that time of year again. No, not the season finale, we passed that. It’s that time of year when we all mess up our clocks because old dead people told us to!

On Sunday March 10, next week, US timezones will spring forward one hour at 2:00am local time; I’ve added a timer to our countdown aligned to Eastern Time. At that time, our site timing will change to Eastern Daylight Time. Movie nights will continue to start at their usual time, which will be earlier for our EU viewers until they move forward as well.

On Sunday March 31, EU timezones will spring forward one hour at 1:00am local time; I’ve added a timer for this as well aligned to UTC. However, Daylight Saving comes around so rarely I’m not sure if our timers will continue to be accurate after the US switches. If there’s an issue, I’ll be sure to correct it next week.

Of course, you’ll all have your own reminders about Daylight Saving Time, this is just a friendly reminder that our weekly schedule is tuned to US Eastern Time, and so will move forward an hour relative to now until the whole world switches over. Then we can all get back to mourning the loss of our hour of sleep. Or our hour of Bronystate, whichever is more applicable.


Stream disruption


We would like to apologise for the disruption of the stream during this morning’s MLP episode. Due to the awesomeness of our staff, we managed to get the situation contained within minutes; hopefully, viewing interruption was minimal. We are aware of those responsible, and have taken steps to ensure that this kind of disruption will not happen again.

Addendum: The cause of the disruption was a design failure on the part of our stream provider, not by any action on Bronystate’s part. The security risk has been reported to our provider, and we will no longer be using their services. Our other stream providers do not suffer such security risks. Thank you for not misreporting events! ~Shizuka

Ponychat is having technical difficulties

EDIT: it’s been sorted. the embed is now working correctly

For anyone that’s tried to pull up the chat client tonight, Ponychat is having some issues with their main site, so the embedded client is down. You can still connect by heading directly to their iris client, and then connect to the bronystate channel from there.

More Theater Improvements!

I’ve just finished work on a massive overhaul of our streaming system. Basically, the way we did it before was a horrible mess, and now it’s beautiful and much easier for us to work with.

What does this mean for you, the viewers? Well, it means 5KB less data transferred every time you load the stream (seriously, it adds up), which means faster loading times! And as part of the project, the Popout buttons have returned! Simply press the button under the stream or chat to open a window with it. Additionally, the embed on the page will disable itself, so you don’t end up with two streams or two chats!

A lot of work has gone into this massive project, and there may yet be some holes left to fill. Thank you for being patient as we continue to improve Bronystate even more!


UPDATE – Theater refreshes!

UPDATE: Manual refresh buttons for stream and chat are now available. Still working on popout functions and the backend for the autorefresh

We now have experiemental support for an automatic refresh in all theaters. What’s this mean? It means when we change stream embeds, say to and from Livestream for our Saturday episode streams, you won’t have to do anything! Your browser will automatically change to the correct stream source!

As I said, support is currently experimental. Still working on the backend code to let us actually trigger the autorefresh, among other things. Manual refresh and popout buttons are still on the list to do and should hopefully be ready shortly!

As usual, please leave site feedback in #cathedral

Thank you for being patient as we continue to improve Bronystate 2.0!

Daylight Savings Notice

On Sunday March 11, Daylight Savings Time goes into effect in the United States, shifting our timezones forward an hour. This will not affect our schedule, but if your area does not observe Daylight Savings (or is not switching yet), be aware of what an extra hour does to your night.

Movie Night on Friday March 16 will begin at 7pm Eastern Daylight Time (UTC-4).
Our live showing of “Dragon Quest” on Saturday March 17 will begin at 1pm Eastern Daylight Time.

Theaters are back!

I’ve completed work on restoring the six theater pages. Please see my notes on the main Theater page if you are having troubles. Otherwise, go straight to your favorite room (remember side rooms are closed during the week) by either the Theater dropdown or by these links!

Be sure to update your bookmarks if you were browsing to theaters directly before.

Please leave feedback (and solutions if you have them!) for Shizuka in #cathedral

Thank you for being patient during the launch of Bronystate 2.0!