BMN Winners for Friday, February 28th

Congratulations to our winners and their selections for the March 7th & 8th movie nights!

With 89 submissions our winners are

Congratulations to our winners! See you all Saturday March 8th for the next Bronystate Lottery!


BMN Winners for Saturday, February 22nd

Howdy bronies! We’re here once again to announce the winners of this week’s Brony Movie Night lottery that was held on Saturday, February 22nd!

We had a whopping 92 entries this time! Congratulations to the lucky members for their winning choices:

Join us for the exciting otherworldly adventure of Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke stealing identities for the promise of space travel! Then we have Tim Burton’s extraterrestrial extravaganza, er, at least that’s what can be figured by the stellar stars of the movie. Of course, we wouldn’t be Bronystate without pony. . . States. As such, our dear Fluttershy will be strutting her stuff on stage while Rarity secretly seethes about her fabulous friend’s talent for fashion shows! Twilight also learns a lesson about finding right where she belongs while she’s wrapping up winter.

As always, thank you to all that entered their votes into the lottery, and we looks forward to receiving more of YOUR entries in our next Brony Movie Night lottery on Friday, February 28th. Good luck! To submit your vote for a chance to see your pick on the big screen check out our FAQ page for the information, and as always, make sure to be here on Saturday mornings for a brand new episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, where else but here on Bronystate!

We Needed More Cheetoes

Hello DnD enthusiasts! We’re sorry to say that a few scheduling conflicts came up at the last minute. We’ll be postponing “Ponies and Dragons” until another time. We will try our best to do it some other time this week, but if not it will be on again next Tuesday. Sorry folks!

BMN Winners for Saturday, February 8th

Once again, here we are to announce the winners of this week’s Brony Movie Night lottery on Saturday, February 8th!

We had a whopping 90 entries this week! A warm, wonderful congratulations go out to the following lucky members for their winning choices:

This week’s Brony Movie Night we’ve got the action packed thriller starring Tom Cruise as our short, somewhat overacting hero. Followed by our loveable robot overlords, both autobots and decepticons alike doing what they do best, transforming and exploding all over each other! Our super silly pony pals, that’s the cutie mark crusaders to you though, are looking to do some journalism in our first winning pony entry. We’ll also have the two-parter pony plot where Twilight and the others face the love devouring queen, Chrysalis, as she tries to take over The Crystal Empire!

Thanks to all that entered and we look forward to receiving even more of YOUR entries in our next Brony Movie Night lottery on Friday, February 14th. Best of luck bronies! To submit your vote for a chance to see your pick on the big screen check out our FAQ page for the information, and as always, make sure to be here on Saturday mornings for a brand new episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic!

“I Challenge You to a Children’s Card Game!”

A spontaneous event has been thrusted into motion. A last alliance of ponies and cards, marching against the problem decks of Enterplay. In this epic tale of tokens, friendships shall be tested, problems shall be confronted, and troublemakers will be faced. Tonight, February 5, 2014 right here live on Bronystate, comes the most exciting show of them all. The one show to show them all.

My Little Pony: The Collectible Card Game Episode IV Verse 2 Op. 97

Join myself, GigabitHarmonie, and several others for an interactive stream where we’ll be playing each other to the proverbial death, explaining the meta, and other strategies in order to become the greatest pony card player that could ever live! We’ll be setting up at 9PM EST, so don’t be late!

BwB is cancelled 12/22

Howdy y’all!

Well, to make it short, everything went to pot, so we’re just going to cut our losses this week and regroup next week; Babble with Bronies is cancelled for December 22nd. At this time we don’t know what we are going to do, so stay tuned to any one of the BwB announcement venues for what we’ll be streaming next week, the 29th.

Sorry for the inconvenience,


Newsletter 11/28/13 Update

Due to my amazing laziness and absent-mindedness, I’ll provide this week’s BwB synopsis.

We’ll be discussing the writing staff of seasons one through three and those who have been with poines for more then one season, they are: Megan McCarthy, M.A. Larson, Charlotte Fullerton, Dave Polsky, Amy Keating Rogers, Cindy Morrow, and Merriweather Williams.

Hope to see you all there on Sunday at 4:00 pm EST!

BwB- Big announcement

Hi guys!

After some discussion, it has come to our attention that some changes needed to be made to BwB concerning the chat. The following are those changes, and we hope this creates a better experience for everyone. All of these apply only to Babble with Bronies’ time except when specified otherwise.

  • We will set the #vinyl_scratch room up as the main chat room. This room will be where the discussion takes place and recorded. Everlasting_Joy will not take the #bronystate room into account when broadcasting. There will be chat enforcement in this room during those times.
  • The #bronystate room will not  have a forced topic enforcement. It will be treated as if BwB is not broadcasting.
  • The broadcast will still take place on Bronystate at its usual time, there are no changes to the broadcasting schedule.
  • The #vinyl_scratch and #derpy_hooves room will be autoloaded when you join. This means you’ll join them automatically when you join us in ponychat.

We thank you for your understanding and hope this creates a better experience for everyone. I am also sorry for having to force topics during those hours.



Fanfiction Contest: Through the Looking Glass

The object of the contest is to write a one-shot piece of fanfiction describing what you think Equestria Girls will (or should!) be like! And, remember: anything goes! Do you want their high school to be haunted? Go ahead! Do you want to flip their genders? That’s fine too! Do you want them to secretly be robot pilots that fight eldritch horrors in their spare time? WHY NOT? As long as the story is reasonably self-contained and meets the minimum word count, as well as the content conditions outlined below, anything will be accepted!

See below for details on prizes and other conditions!

Prompt: Equestria Girls one-shot! What do you see in the future for our ponies-turned-humans?

Minimum Word Count: 2000 words


  • First prize gets first pick from the prize list below, and will be read on-stream in the voice of one Morgan Freeman (substitute)!

  • Second prize gets second pick, and a review spotlight on the above stream.

  • Third prize gets the leftovers, and a review spotlight on the above stream.

The prize list is as follows:

  • One (1) Steam game, under 10 USD, courtesy of Reikim
  • An artistic commission of your choice, courtesy of the wonderful and talented Chobibi
  • Any line you want (and we mean /any/ line) said in the voice of your favourite pony, courtesy of the absurdly-connected Scoot-Scootaloo

Rules and Content Conditions - No rule 34. Period. There’s a difference between sex as a plot point and sex as a plot, and believe us, we know the difference.

  • No excessive gore. See the above. Gore for gore’s sake is just as bad as sex for the sake of sex.

  • No hatefics. If you’re going to tear the premise apart, please, put some thought into it; if you’re just here to complain about the show’s existence, please, go elsewhere.

  • No taking existing plots and pasting them wholesale into the EG universe. That’s plagiarism, and that’s a big no-no. At least /try/ to be original about it.

  • Crossovers are perfectly fine, as long as the EG cast remains central.

  • Bronystate is an English-speaking service. That carries over into our contests. British or American dictionaries only.

  • Spelling and grammar will be given particular attention. A typo here or there will be overlooked; excessive errors bordering on illegibility will not. Grab a proofreader, save a sanity point.

  • All entries will be judged on even grounds. You will not be deducted points for using a specific scenario or theme, so long as it adheres to the guidelines given above; you will only be judged based on your skil in executing the story.

Submission Instructions

Oh good, you’re still here. So that means you’re at least vaguely interested!

Submissions will be accepted between 12 AM June 17, and 12 AM June 24. Please do your best to ensure your entry is in .doc or .docx format, and openable in Word 2010 or earlier; we’re pretty good at finding ways of making things work, but if for whatever weird reason we can’t open your entry, we can’t very well judge it! If you want to, you may also submit a link to your story on FimFic, FanFic, or whatever site floats your boat; might as well take the chance for some self-advertsement while you’re at it!

All entries should be sent to [email protected]

We look forward to your participation!