Some of our most frequently asked questions, answered!

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  • What is Brony Movie Night?
    Brony Movie Night is a stable feature of Bronystate. Every Friday and Saturday we stream viewer-selected movies and pony episodes. The Friday streams begin at 7pm Eastern Time, and the Saturday encore streams begin at 2pm Eastern Time. Our weekly newsletter lists the viewer selections for that week’s Movie Night.
  • Why aren't there ponies on the stream?
    We don’t stream My Little Pony all day every day, because not all bronies want to see My Little Pony 24/7. We show FiM-related material plenty of times throughout the week. Bronystate’s main goal is to provide entertainment for all bronies. There are plenty of sites around that can satiate your desire for constant pony. We, however, feel that it is much more healthy and valuable to our viewers to provide a varying range of content.
    Constant complaining about a lack of ponies on the stream will result in a marathon of Newborn Cuties. You do not want this.
  • The stream is not working! Why does it lag? What do I do?
    We can’t always control when our stream service fails. Sometimes it’s latency between our streamer and the service, sometimes it’s a failure between the service and you. Take these moments to stretch, and be patient as we do what we can to restore the stream. Sometimes there simply isn’t anything we can do but wait. Such is the reality of internet streaming.
  • I see multiple theaters, do they show different things?
    All our theaters use the same stream embed, so they will all show the same content. The purpose of the different theaters are so that during high traffic the chat can easely be divided into separate smaller rooms in addition to #Bronystate. This is to make the chats easier to both read for you, and for us to moderate properly.
  • Don't you get paid for this?
    Bronystate strives to provide the best entertainment for bronies of all tastes. We do so without any intent on making a profit. We do so out of our own pockets on our own free time. So no, we don’t get paid for this.
  • But you have ads on your stream!
    They aren’t ours. Learn to use Adblock. Try this: Adblock Plus
  • What's your connection to Hasbro and Studio B?
    Bronystate is in no way affiliated with nor endorsed by Hasbro, Studio B, or any other powers behind our favorite ponies. All trademarks, copyrights, and other intellectual property rights to My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic are owned by Hasbro or its subsidiaries, not us. We’re just a group who want to give back to the community.
  • Can I recommend a video to stream?
    Absolutely! When the current streamer is open to requests, they will announce it in our main chat channel. When this happens, feel free to leave any suggestions in the #vinyl_scratch channel. Please note that our streamers reserve the right to pick and choose which videos they do or do not stream. Sometimes it’s related to the rules, other times based solely on the streamer’s preference. Please do not feel upset or insulted, and certainly don’t start breaking rules, if a particular streamer does not play your request.
  • How do I use the chat?
    Bronystate uses the PonyChat IRC network for its chat services. You can enter chat through our Theaters, or by connecting to irc.ponychat.net with your own client. Have a look at PonyChat’s guide to IRC for some of the standard IRC commands you can use.
  • Can you add <some emoticon> to the chat client?
    Bronystate does not influence the development of PonyChat’s lightIRC, the default Flash-based client you see on our Theater pages. Keep in mind also that those emoticons are a feature exclusive to the client; viewers using other clients will not see the same emoticon.
  • How are the Brony Movie Night movies chosen?
    Bronystate uses a Lottery system to pick our films. Each week, viewers send in their votes for a pair of movies, and many episodes of My Little Pony. Then, alternately on Friday and Saturday (to give our American and European viewers each a chance to see the action), we select at random one viewer’s Lottery entry for a given slot. The process continues until all four slots (two movies, and two episodes) are filled. Links to the lottery survey are sent out with our newsletter each Monday.
  • How do I subscribe to the Bronystate Newsletter?
    Simply visit the Bronystate Survey while a Lottery is open, Monday through Thursday. You will be prompted to register, and will receive an invitation email with a token immediately. From that time on, you will be automatically sent an invitation email to further Lotteries!
  • What is the Worst Movie Clause?
    Sometimes a movie is so terrible that not even the combined effort of over three hundred viewers making jokes can make it worthwhile. Such films earn the condemnation of the Worst Movie Clause, which bans them from being shown on Movie Night ever again.
  • Have an issue and need to contact us?
    Our FAQ can’t cover every possibility, so if you need to contact us to ask a question or regarding an issue you are having, there are a few ways to find us. If you are on IRC but can’t connect to one of our main channels, or have a support question about the site, you can contact a moderator directly, or join #Derpy_Hooves to find a moderator. If you cannot connect to IRC, have a question about the newsletter, or wish to appeal a ban, just send an email to [email protected]