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Ahhh…Fresh Meat

Well then, after so very long, we have some wonderful news to announce!  After reviewing many applications, we have brought in a large group of human sacrifices new recruits to the team!  We’re very excited to have these new mods and temp mods work with us.  Please join me in welcoming them.  Of course, we only expect you to harass them for the first two weeks, from THAT point then you have to treat them like real people.  Uh…did I say that out loud?  Anyways,  be sure to send your congratulations to:

  • alicorn_texasboykc09
  • buytoast
  • Eulshy
  • Fengor
  • GabeMoist
  • Krazy
  • Konsoln
  • MirrorImage
  • Ohnine
  • Vuxul
  • xMgMusicx

I, for one, look forward to our new mod overlords.  Cheers!

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