BMN Winners for Saturday, Febrary 14th & Newsletter Announcement

Congratulations to our winners and their selections for the February 20th & 21st movie nights!

A bit of housekeeping before we get to our selections for next week.

We’re aware that there’s currently a problem with many people not receiving their weekly newsletter, and thus not being able to vote. Rest assured that we’re are very aware of this problem, and we’re doing everything in our power to resolve it. In the mean time, the best advice we can offer is to add [email protected] to your e-mail white-list, and to check your spam folders; be sure to mark the newsletter as not spam should you find it there.

We will hopefully have this problem resolved soon, so that everyone has an equal opportunity to vote for what movies they’d like to see.

See you all Friday, February 20th for the next Bronystate Lottery!

BMN Winners for Saturday, January 17th.

Congratulations to our winners and their selections for the January 23rd & 24th movie nights!

There was no newsletter sent out this week, so lottery picks were instead taken from last week’s entries. We apologize for any confusion, or doubts of sanity, this may have caused.

See you all Friday, January 23rd for the next Bronystate Lottery!

BMN Winners for Friday, January 9th

Congratulations to our winners and their selections for the January 16th & 17th movie nights!

We’re finally emerging from the woods of holiday specials and returning to our usual movie night schedule. We’d like to remind everyone that with our new system of voting for movies you only get to pick one movie each week, we will still be making two selections from voters in the lottery, so please pick movies you would actually want to watch.

See you all Saturday, January 17th for the next Bronystate Lottery!

Miyazaki Week

2014 is dead, long live 2015!

We’re wrapping up our holiday stream specials with a week of all 12 Hayao Miyazaki animated films. Starting Monday, January 5th, we’ll be streaming two movies each night at 7pm EST, with the exception of the last two movies airing Saturday, January 10th, at 2pm EST during Euro Movie Night.

This will also be the first time our new voting system will be used, so keep an eye on your inboxes for the newsletter. Normal movie nights will return Friday, January 16th.

You may have also noticed that someone different from usual is making this announcement. That’s because the new members of the moderator team have finished their month long boot-camp, and graduated from Half-ops to Full-ops; they’ve also been given a rainbow of pretty text colors for chat!

Last Movie Night of the Year

Congratulations to our winners and their selections for the December 26th & 27th movie nights!

It’s been some time since I have made one of these post but have been busy with the holidays so it often slipped my mind so for our last movie night of the year I had to make sure we get a post in.

See you all Friday December 26th for the next Bronystate Lottery

Ahhh…Fresh Meat

Well then, after so very long, we have some wonderful news to announce!  After reviewing many applications, we have brought in a large group of human sacrifices new recruits to the team!  We’re very excited to have these new mods and temp mods work with us.  Please join me in welcoming them.  Of course, we only expect you to harass them for the first two weeks, from THAT point then you have to treat them like real people.  Uh…did I say that out loud?  Anyways,  be sure to send your congratulations to:

  • alicorn_texasboykc09
  • buytoast
  • Eulshy
  • Fengor
  • GabeMoist
  • Krazy
  • Konsoln
  • MirrorImage
  • Ohnine
  • Vuxul
  • xMgMusicx

I, for one, look forward to our new mod overlords.  Cheers!