Lotto June 14th and Trilogys

Congratulations to our winners of of our June 14th lotto!

No ponies in sight and we keep on going. Join us Friday or Saturday for our viewer picked films.

Our trilogys for the week of June 23  will be Nolan’s Batman and Raimi’s Spiderman so tune in Mondays Tuesdays and Wednesdays for a more heroes starting at 7PM EST.  We hope to see you there!

Lottery Winners June 6th, Plus a Special Announcement

Congratulations to our winners of last week’s lottery:

We also have a special announcement for you all: Next week begins our annual trilogy month(s)!  Tune in Mondays Tuesdays and Wednesdays for your favorite trilogies.  We’ll kick off the event with the Iron Man trilogies, starting Monday the 16th at 8:00 PM EST.  We hope to see you there!

BMN Winners for Saturday, May 31st

Congratulations to our winners and their selections for the June 6th & 7th movie nights!

Just because the season is over dose not mean we are stopping things here at bronystate. This week it’s a pair of films with things that dont normaly talk Pets and toys. First up will be Homeward bound feturing the voice talents of Michael J. Fox and Sally Field followed up by a Movie described as Toystory on crack. Don’t forget to fill out your survey post for Summer trilogy’s it’s coming soon™

Congratulations to our winners! See you all Friday June 6th for the next Bronystate Lottery


Ah…what a wonderful time I’m thinking of today.  It’s that period during a new user’s life which defines their place in our chatroom for an eternity.  The one choice a user must keep for all eternity…until they use the /nick command again.  Obviously, I’m referring to picking an alias (nickname).  Some of us like to stay anonymous, others like to use parts of their own name.  Regardless, we all eventually come to a decision which, to varying degrees, shows a little bit of ourselves.  A nickname reflects our interests, our hobbies.  It’s something we generally keep close to home.  We may change them occasionally, but they’re still special.

Now that I’ve rambled for a few sentences, onto my purpose: we’re going to have a little fun with this post.  “Fun” being used in the same way students in Middle School have fun over needlessly dramatizing student body president elections so they can get out of schoolwork.  I want everyone (in the comments section) to nominate their favorite nickname here.  One that is particularly inventive perhaps, or one that made you giggle (like a Ghostie…hah…haha…hahaha).  Give us your nomination and your reason IT CAN’T BE YOUR OWN

And while you’re at it, throw in a story about how you made your nick, or whatever the process was.  The winner will get a super special prize.  And by “super” I mean mediocre, and by “special” I mean “couldn’t think of something better” They will get to choose the subject/topic for next week’s blog post.  How fun!  Go at it chat!  Nominate those names!

BMN Winners for Friday, May 23rd

Congratulations to our winners and their selections for the May 30th & 31st movie nights!

Just because the season is over dose not mean we are stopping things here at bronystate. This we it’s family fun with two kid friendly picks of the mid 90′s First up will be the almost ape man Robin Williams in Jumanji followed up with Monsters of another kind in Muppet Treasure Island also Tim Curry’s in that one so you know it will be silly.

Congratulations to our winners! See you all Saturday May 31st for the next Bronystate Lottery

The Tree from which the Spoiled Apple Fell

Apologies for the late post on this one, I’d like to have a decent excuse but the fact is I was spending way too much time zapping demons with my wizard power.  So I wanted to experiment with a more discussion based post this time, something to get us chatting with each other as opposed to just textwalling our stories and then never really commenting on other posts.  I really don’t need to stress this, but I’m putting it in anyway: keep in mind this is for polite discussion.  In other words, it’s okay to disagree just don’t take it too far.

So I haven’t actually finished Season 4 yet (I believe the Breezie episode is next on my list), so if something has happened I don’t address, I apologize ahead of time.  One character in particular has caught my attention over these few years.  I’ve brought it up a few times if you remember our post-show throwdown’s with CR, but I’ve never really made a discussion out of it.  This character, to me, is one of the most interesting elements to over analyze as all bronies are fond of doing.  She is pretty much universally hated by the fandom as a whole and I can’t really argue that she didn’t do anything to deserve it.  After all, her role in the show is to serve as an antagonist to the Cutie Mark Crusaders. In the event my ever so “subtle” clues were not clear enough, I am referring to Diamond Tiara.

So what makes DT so interesting to me?  She’s a stuck up, spoiled little brat who only serves as an easy enemy for our beloved little trio of cutie mark searchers.  Her cutie mark is, quite literally, an expression of her complete and utter uselessness.  She is, essentially, forever reliant on the image and wealth of her family name.  How can someone so obnoxious and irritating offer anything meaningful for us to appreciate?  I think the answer lies in the nature of her core character.

Let’s take a step back and look at the particular world we’re dealing with here.  As with any over-analysis, I’m going to be assuming a few things we normally suspend from television; namely that these characters are not the exaggerated representation of ideals for the sake of storytelling and that they can be compared to real human personality.  With this show, we’re dealing with “people” who have their entire identities defined by one unique trait; one special talent.  This one particular mark determines their entire existence. We’ve seen, such as in episodes like Party of One and Sonic Rainboom, the inability to perform tasks related to this identity can cause rather serious mental breakdowns.  Needless to say, a Cutie Mark is vital to one’s identity and well being.

What does this have to do with the “charming” little offspring of Filthy Rich?  Well, her cutie mark defines her as a spoiled brat.  That’s quite the lovely future ahead for her.  Wouldn’t that make you feel so special, forever defined as “that girl who uses daddy’s money”?  Now, I’m certainly not going to try and draw sympathy towards DT, that’s not my intention at all.  I am, however, interested in her motivations.  All of her negative attention and what can be defined as bullying is directed to the “Blank Flanks” of her school.  Why is this?  What would ponies with literally limitless potential to define themselves offer as a threat to a pony who will forever be provided for?

Am I crazy on this one?  I like to put DT in a position where her unending jealousy and issues with self-inadequacy cause her to lash out against those who have everything she doesn’t (isn’t that a delightful piece of irony?).  Let me know what you guys think here; talk it out, share your opinions.  I’d like to see some real discussion going on here.  Share your thoughts, put on those fedoras and let’s over analyze the shit out of this child’s show.


Thoughts? Agree? Disagree?

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It’s never Lupus

So I’ve been reflecting on my time here at Bronystate, thinking on all of the great times we’ve shared.  It’s been quite a magical little journey.  We all have those memories of our favorite streams; the ones that made us laugh until we cried, the ones we enjoyed the most.  There was always that one special stream that kept us coming back for more.

I remember how much fun I had watching Luna’s streams of House.  It was right when I would finish up my day of classes, so it was the perfect time to relax and enjoy some snarky diagnostician humor.  Of course, it’s always Lupus.

So what kind of streams do you folks like?  Were there any particular moments that you found really awesome?  Let’s have some more nostalgia going on in here, tell us some of your favorite stories.


Thoughts? Agree? Disagree?

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BMN Winners for Saturday, May 17th

Congratulations to our winners and their selections for the May 23rd & 24th movie nights!

Would like to apologise for the tardiness of lotto post as well as surveys as of lat but real life beckons making it difficult to find the time to take care of things.

Just because the season is over dose not mean we are stopping things here at bronystate. Killer pants and killer puppets are invading this week and it’s up to Team America (fuck yeah) and Rick Moranis to save us there oppressive tyranny

Congratulations to our winners! See you all Friday May 23rd for the next Bronystate Lottery

BMN Winners for Friday, May 9th

Congratulations to our (completely legit) winners and their selections for the May 16th & 17th movie nights!

Just because the season is over dose not mean we are stopping things here at bronystate. We have Filly to look forward too (if I can find it) as well as more info about EQG2 and the probable spin off show.

Congratulations to our winners! See you all Saturday May 17th for the next Bronystate Lottery

How we all started

Hello again my fellow appreciators of the colored equines.  Thanks for all of your helpful feedback on what we should do with this blog idea.  It’s great to know you guys are always full of ideas!

So I figured that since this is going to be the first post, we should have a theme in keeping with that.  So let’s dive right into one of the most commonly asked questions: how did you come across those little ponies?  We all have different stories how we stumbled upon the show, and I figured that it might be fun to share them.  Some of us came from the chans, some of us from popular youtubes, others just happened to notice that creepy guy in the corner brushing a girl’s toy with a toothbrush and figured “Hey, let’s see what that guy is doing”.  We all ended up in the same place, but let’s talk about how we started.

It wouldn’t be particularly fair if I demanded you all do the majority of the work for this blog, so I’ll just throw out my own little story and then open the floor to you guys.  I guess it was pretty natural for me to join in this little internet craze.  I was raised with three older sisters who forced me to the ground while they put makeup on me shared with me their many interests, girly or otherwise.  So I was always familiar with the MLP franchise (among…other topics).  When the time came that some guy on 4chan posted Lauren Faust’s rebuttal to the fem-nazi review, I was interested enough to check out the show in question.  The rest, as they say, is history.  I suppose it’s not a particularly entertaining story, since I didn’t include the time my sisters forced me to wear their dresses but it’s mine and hey, it was a special time for me.

So how about you folks?  How did you all get started?  Take the poll and let’s see what everyone puts.  I’m hoping I didn’t forget a major factor for “brony recruitment”, so apologies if you need to put in “other”.  I’m imposing one rule though, I want to see some stories on these comments.  If you vote, share the story!  Be a pal, and help old Val out!  I know you want to!…  JUST DO IT!

How did you find out about FiM?

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