Thanksgiving Week Movies

We know it's been a confusing couple of weeks, and in the mess of me building up the site last week we weren't able to get a lottery out in time for Friday. It's short notice, but here's a link for the Saturday lottery, for the December 4 movie night.

What's showing this week you ask? Well we had to pick, so we're going with a couple of our favorites:

Bronystate 3.0 is nearing completion

A site redesign is long overdue, and we're sick and tired of looking over our shoulders at the pile of hacks that was Bronystate 2.0, so we're doing it! Shizuka has been working hard every day putting things together, and is almost done with the major features of our first release.

This page will still change drastically between now and when she considers it "done", so look forward to these features still coming:

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