Hello everyone!

Many of you have attended Bronystate in the past primarily to see our "Movie Nights", and we thank you for your regular attendance! But what you may not know is that we also do all sorts of other fun streams at various times in the day for your viewing pleasure, ranging from games to television shows to anime, and even sometimes a surprise movie showing or two. We pride ourselves on having a large variety of quality content to show off to you guys, and today, I'm pleased to share that we have a new offering to add to that list!

Several of our mods have been working behind the scenes to prepare a Pathfinder adventure path, and starting tomorrow (this Sunday) at 10 AM EST, we'll be live-streaming Pathfinder for your entertainment! If you're not familiar with Pathfinder, it's a relatively popular variation of the traditional role-playing game, Dungeons and Dragons. Our mods will be playing as their own custom-designed characters, with ValtheJean as our Dungeon Master. It promises to be an awful lot of fun!

We hope to have these segments as often as possible (time permitting) at the same day and time each week, Sundays at 10 AM EST. If you miss a session, don't worry! We plan to record and catalog every session for upload on Youtube, so you'll never miss out on any of the action.

Hope to see you there!

January Films and Ponies

Hello everyone! We have totaled your votes for the month of January, and we have determined your winners!

Don't forget, you can still submit films for selection in February's vote until January 6th! Check the most recent lottery post (the first post on the front page) for the link to that form.

Brony Movie Night will be at its usual time: 7:00 EDT on Friday, and 2:00 PM EDT on Saturday. Each week, we'll announce the next two films to be shown during intermission on Saturday. As for the rest, we'll provide you with little "clues" to try and figure them out. But don't worry: if you're not into that sort of thing or you can't make it on Saturday, we'll continue to update the front page with each week's films. That way, you'll always know which films are coming next!

The films and episodes for the month of January areā€¦.

Jan 5-6

Jan 12-13

Jan 19-20

Jan 26-27