Brony Movie Night 29/30th of July

Heyo All! This week will be a look at the human condition and the electronic one. We will be showing Short Circut for the electronic and Adam's Apples for the human.

For Pony we have two Rarity eps lined up, we will discover generosity in Suited for Success and go to the, by now very popular, city of Manehattan in Made in Manehattan.

Lottery for this weekend is right here! Brony Movie Night will begin at 7:00 PM EDT Friday and for Euro-reprise at 2:00 EDT Saturday, and we will draw the lottery winners on Friday, between movies.

Here's our lineup for this week's movie nights

Ban Amnesty

In preparation for the new season, all bans were unset on March 23.

This is both an olive branch for past troublemakers, and a bit of housekeeping for us. In previous years, we would clear the ban list around New Years, but we decided to do it in advance of Season 6 instead.


We will not hesitate to reapply a ban to any user that tries to earn it again. You are welcome to stay so long as you don't act like you've beaten the system. If you are banned, for the first time or not, consult the Ban Appeals section of the Rules. Note that appeals will be posted publicly, so always be earnest and honest.

Please take a moment and read the Rules and Help pages, as information may have changed since you last visited us.

We hope you're looking forward to the new season! Thanks for helping keep Bronystate a safe and friendly place to chat!