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  • Mods have authority
    Bronystate mods are identified as halfops or ops by the % or @ symbols next to their names; they will also be chatting in color. Listen to mods at all times; if you willfully disobey warnings you will be kicked and/or banned. Disagreements should be handled in private messaging.
  • Respect other users at all times
    Do not personally attack other viewers or act rudely. Do not post anything that is needlessly offensive based on race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, etc.
  • Do not post non-image links during streams
    Video links and links to external sites are not allowed during streams unless you are given permission by a moderator. Do not advertise other sites or channels. If you want to share a link during a stream, PM it to your recipient.
  • Do not advertise in chat
    Links to external sites are not allowed during streams unless you are given permission by a moderator. Do not advertise other sites or channels. If you want to share a link, PM it to your recipient. Advertising in chat without consent is prohibited.
  • Do not discuss or link explicit materials
    Posting of Rule 34, pornography, gore, shock images or any content or messages deemed overly sexual or obscene in nature is strictly prohibited. Sexually obscene messages are not permitted during roleplaying. You may reference content such as SHED.MOV or Cupcakes so long as you do not discuss explicit material or link to the content.
  • Do not troll
    Intentionally irritating other users for the sole purpose of eliciting an angry response is not permitted.
  • Bots are not permitted
    Bronystate staff reserves the right to approve certain bots to maintain order and maintenance of the channels. Bots not affiliated with or approved by Bronystate staff will be banned.
  • Bronystate is an English-speaking service
    Although we welcome visitors from all over the world, extended conversations in a foreign language will be asked to move to other channels or private messaging for the benefit of our viewers.
  • Do not spam
    This includes, but is not limited to, the excessive posting of textwalls, /nick changes, links, ALLCAPS, excessive Role-Playing, and/or emoticons. We tolerate spam under limited circumstances, such as TOOT during the PinkieQuest video, or quotes during other popular videos. If you are asked to stop spamming, do not continue spamming. Bronystate is not an RP channel, and as such, excessive Role-Playing is discouraged. There are channels available on the ponychat network if you feel the need to RP.
  • Do not discuss or link spoilers of any kind
    This includes, but is not limited to, movie endings, plot developments, and future pony episodes. We also request that you do not discuss a recently aired pony episode until 24 hours after its showing on Bronystate.
  • Enforcement follows a graduated response method
    Rule violations will be met with: 1) a verbal warning, 2) a verbal warning and a kick, 3) a verbal warning and ban. These punishments may vary at moderators’ discretion.
  • Bans may expire, or must be appealed
    At moderator discretion, bans may be either timed or permanent. A timed ban cannot be appealed, and will expire after a given duration of time. A permanent ban must be appealed by sending an email to [email protected] with “Ban Appeal” and your username in the subject, and your username, date and reason for ban, and reason we should lift it in the body. Staff will review appeals and reply with an appropriate decision.
  • Restrictions apply to Lottery winners
    Movies must wait six months before being eligible for vote in the Lottery again; this is noted on our list of past movies. Pony episodes must wait two weeks before being eligible for air again. Users who win a Lottery category (movie or pony episode) must wait four weeks before winning that category again. Do not attempt to enter the same Lottery multiple times.
  • Rules are subject to change
    These rules are subject to change or variation at staff discretion with or without prior notice. Disagreements or complaints should be handled in private messaging or via email.