We enforce PonyChat Network Rules at Bronystate

Bronystate Staff reserves the right to enforce rules at their discretion
These rules are subject to change at staff discretion with or without prior notice

Code of Conduct

By using Bronystate chat you agree to these guidelines:

  1. Use common sense – don't act the way you wouldn't want someone else to
  2. We ask that you speak English in chat
  3. You must be 14 years of age or older to chat
  4. Treat other users with respect. If a mod tells you to stop, stop.
  5. Do not post spoilers of any kind
    Subjects not to be spoiled include, but are not limited to:
    • Future My Little Pony media: episodes, movies, comics, etc.
    • Plot of the movies of Movie Night for those who haven't seen it
    • Plot of shows on stream during the week
  6. Do not spam
    This includes, but is not limited to:
    • Sending every emote at once
    • Pinging multiple people at once
    • Sending the same message over and over
    • Begging for attention
    • Sending many private messages at one or more users
  7. Keep the chat roughly PG-13
    Topics banned from discussion include, but are not limited to:
    • Explicit content, including pornography, gore, shock images, screamers
    • Grimdark, gory, or otherwise generally offensive fan works
  8. Do not advertise
  9. Do not post non-image links during a stream
    The streamer may give permission during their stream to post links
    This includes, but is not limited to:
    • Youtube videos
    • News articles
    • Audio hosting sites
    • Pages not focused on pictures
  10. Do not troll
  11. Bots or scripts of any kind not officially sanctioned by Bronystate are not permitted
    Officially sanctioned bots and scripts consist of:
    • BerryPunch by Phase
    • Staff client scripts
  12. Do not attempt to evade any ban given to you

By breaking a rule you accept that you will be warned, kicked and/or banned from chat.

Ban Appeals

Know the difference between a kick and a ban

When you are kicked, your client will print a message stating you were kicked, with a reason (in parentheses).
When you are banned, the kick message will say so, and you will be unable to join chat until the ban is lifted.

You must appeal a ban in order for it to be lifted.

WARNING: Attempting to evade your ban by any means revokes your right to appeal.

Appeals should be sent to [email protected] with the subject Ban Appeal. You must include:

  • Your nick
  • The reason for your ban
  • Approximate date you were banned
  • Reason why we should unban you

Appeals will be posted publicly on the site.
Bronystate Staff will evaluate your appeal and make a decision whether or not the ban will be lifted.
You may continue to appeal a ban if your first attempt is rejected.

Brony Movie Night and the Lottery

Movie Nights are held every Friday at 7pm Eastern Time and Saturday at 2pm Eastern Time, and consist of two movies chosen by our users and two episodes of My Little Pony (in sequential order).

Each month, near the end of the month, we send out two forms you can use to help decide the movies to be shown. The first form is a poll that allows you to vote on which films you'd like to see that month. You can choose up to 8 films (ranked from 1st to 8th), but there are a lot of choices, so choose wisely! You will have one week to make your selections for this poll, and voting will be closed at the start of Movie Night on Saturday.

The second form allows you to suggest films for the following month according to a specific "theme" chosen by the Bronystate staff. The staff looks over these suggestions and uses them to help create the list for the following month's vote. You will have two weeks to provide your suggestions, and the form will be closed at the start of Movie Night on Saturday.

Films may be disqualified by the following criteria:

  • Movies are eligible for voting one year after their theatrical release
  • Movies must wait six months before being eligible for Movie Night again
  • Movies earning extraordinarily terrible chat reception may be classified Worst Movie Clause, ineligible to air ever again
  • Movies that do not fit the theme or do not meet the community's standards may be disqualified at staff discretion