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What movies have been shown at Bronystate?

We maintain a long backlog of every movie we've ever shown, and it can be easily found at: http://bit.ly/bronystatebacklog

How can I connect to the chat?

Well, you could use the Iris chat client embedded on the front page. Simply click on one of the cutie marks to connect to that side channel as well as the main #bronystate channel. Note that side channels are closed and muted outside of live episode streams.

You can also connect your own client to irc.ponychat.net if you have one.

If you don't have a client, we recommend Hexchat for its ease of use.

Where do I go to vote for Movie Night?

Each month we will put out a news post that provides you with two links. The first link allows you to vote on a list of films that may be shown for that month. The second link allows you to submit suggestions for the following month's vote, according to the "theme" for that month.

Note that only the most recent post will have a valid link. Don't try to vote in an expired poll!

How do I report an issue with the site or make a suggestion?

We maintain a public issue tracker at our Github repository. If you see a bug somewhere on the site, or have a suggestion, please open an issue, and we will get back to you. Please note that you will require a Github account in order to open issues.

If you have a suggestion for an improvement to the site, and are comfortable with code, try forking the repository and making the changes yourself in a new branch, and pull request that branch back to us! We'd love to have your input on new features.

Why aren't there ponies on the stream?

We don't always show My Little Pony, because too much of a good thing is, well, too much of a good thing. We like to keep things varied at Bronystate, and so show programming of all kinds. Today maybe it's gaming, tomorrow an old show you didn't realize you missed, the next day maybe everyone's busy and there's no stream at all.

The only fixed events we hold are the Friday and Saturday Movie Nights, and live new episodes of My Little Pony as they air.

Stay tuned to Bronystate, you never know what will come up next!

Why is chat talking about a stream if it looks offline to me?

We have probably just swapped stream embeds, which can take up to an hour to filter through our caching. Try visiting http://www.bronystate.net/index.html directly, and flush your browser cache. This will bring you the most current version of the front page, and you should see the stream again.

Why are there ads on the stream?

Use an ad-blocking extension for your browser to prevent stream ads from running. We recommend uBlock Origin for it's active maintenance, low CPU and memory footprint, and effectiveness across all platforms.

Live airings of new Friendship is Magic episodes are captured directly from a cable connection, so commercials are unavoidable. Bronystate re-airs the new episode without commercials following our Saturday Movie Night event.

Why was I kicked?

Your client will show you a message as you are kicked from channel telling you why. Be sure to read the Rules to avoid getting kicked in the first place!

How do I appeal a ban?

See the Ban Appeals section of the Rules.