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    A month later… <.< >.>

    Yeah…I totally haven’t been lazy about this…at all.  I’d like to give you an excuse, but I can’t.  I’ve just been putting off another blog post for way too long, so my bad on that.

    So we’ve had an interesting conversation going on at “Ye olde Mod Headquarters”, and I’d like to start working towards a better solution for it.  It’s obvious to anyone that there’s some friction between groups of people and the moderators, I wont deny that at all.  A huge majority of these issues, we have discussed, are because there is a lack of transparency from how the mods go about business and what the viewers see in response.  Now, keep in mind this isn’t every situation, and there are certainly problems which we do need to address in other forms.  This is mostly in regards to viewers not really having an answer for WHY certain things happen, or why certain decisions were made.  Take, for example, when someone sends in a complaint or a concern about the way things are done here.

    When this happens, we take it very seriously.  We’re always open to feedback, and believe it or not every complaint is discussed (some of which are still being addressed).  But on the viewer side, you don’t see any of this.  Now, I can already hear what you’re going to say, “But I was against X happening and got kicked by a mod.”  From your perspective, this can be very aggravating, or even make you feel that you’re just being needlessly censored.  I’ll try to clarify this as best as I can.  Essentially, the issue isn’t that you disagree with something, but that you’re disrupting the chat with the complaint.  If, after a kick, you flood into main chat “WTF MAN HOLY SHIT, Y?”, it’s our responsibility to take action.

    Now, this is what happens an overwhelming majority of the time, but that’s not what I want to get at.  I want to address issues where viewers have legitimate concerns, but are going about it the wrong way.  Your input is very important to us, and we want you to feel like you can voice any concern you have.  Going back to what I said, the viewers don’t get to really see the mod discussion on these cases.  With this in mind, I want to start making steps forward to bridge that gap.  Obviously I don’t think this is an end-all solution, but merely a step towards a better system where both viewers and moderators are happy.  For today’s blog post, I want to stress that viewers have a voice.

    Normally, I would tell you that any complaints or suggestions should be handled a few different ways: 1) Send a PM to a moderator (It doesn’t have to be the moderator in question in circumstances you feel are abuses of power), 2) Go to our #derpy_hooves channel and inquire further or 3) email us at [email protected]  You may not SEE the mod discussion on what you present, but I can guarantee that it does get brought up and reviewed.  But this isn’t good enough, this is just re-iterating the same policy.  Today, I want to focus on bridging that gap.  So here is my plan:  We’re going to have, essentially, an AMA of sorts (yes, I know this isn’t reddit).  I want you all to send me an email at [email protected], asking about anything you want to know.  Literally.  Anything.  Want some insight on a particular policy?  Feel free.  Want to know our opinions on certain things?  Totally fine.  Want to ask me why I’m such an intolerable dick?  Go right ahead.  Every question asked will be posted and answered in next week’s post (and yes, your identities will remain anonymous).  I’ll answer every question 100% honestly (though I may, if you ask about particularly sensitive matters, not be at liberty to go into details).

    So let me know what you guys are thinking about, I’m serious.  I’m giving you all the chance to publicly address any issues or concerns you have for this site.  This is our chance to be a little bit more transparent with each other, and to really get a dialogue going.  Cheers folks, I look forward to seeing your questions.

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